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Universities' Responsibilities to Society: International Perspectives Vol: 14

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11 Jul 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
308 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Issues in Higher Education


The Fourth Mid Term Conference of Heads of Universities was hosted by Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand and took place between November 12th and 14th 1997. The occasion brought together heads and representatives of universities and of major national, regional and international bodies whose concern lies with higher education world-wide and in all its manifestations. The purpose of their meeting was to debate the general theme 'The Universities' Responsibilities to Society'. It is a theme which over the past decade has been gathering weight and momentum. Higher education is taking on more students, employing more teachers and researchers and is advancing the frontiers of knowledge at an ever-increasing pace. Included in this publication are all the keynote and plenary addresses which dealt with the three broad sub-themes of the Conference. These are: university and development: anticipating change; universities and the international knowledge enterprise; academic freedom and university autonomy: pre-requisites for the university meeting its responsibilities.
Foreword (Wataru Mori). Introduction. Universities' responsibility to society: an historical exploitation of an enduring issue (G. Neave). Chapter I (G. Haddad). Chapter II (Sippanondha Ketudat). Chapter III (M.A.R. Dias). Chapter IV: University and Development: Anticipating Change (B.M. Gourley, P. Calame). University, industry and technological development (Toshio Nakamura). Universities and social development: partners and stakeholders (E. Elbaz, V.A. Shahin). Universities as actors in sustainable development (C.E. Stalvant, J.A. Omotola). Universities and graduate employment (M-L. Kearney). Chapter V: Universities and the International Knowledge Enterprise (W. Srisa-an). Universities and the information society (V. Massingue, E. Simons). Internationalization of higher education and diversity (L. Dandurand). Universities, social transformations and access to knowledge (L. Smith, V.D. Batukhtin). Chapter VI: Academic Freedom and University Autonomy: Prerequisites for the University Meeting its Responsibilities (W. Kamba, K.D. Wolff). University autonomy and external dependencies (S. Hamilton, G. Thill). Academic freedom and contract activities (R. Harris). Accountability, quality assurance and autonomy (S.M. Saifuddin, B. Deaton). Academic freedom: ethical implications and civic responsibilities (W.A. Manan). Chapter VII: Conclusion: Proposal for an International Declaration on Academic Freedom and University Autonomy (J. Thorens).

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