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Unexplored Dimensions: Karl Menger on Economics and Philosophy (1923-1938) Vol: 12

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02 Nov 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
156 pages - 152 x 229 x 10mm
Advances in Austrian Economics


Karl Menger (1902-1985) was the mathematician son of the famous economist Carl Menger. He was professor of geometry at the University of Vienna from 1927 to 1938. During that period, which was crucial from an historical and philosophical point of view, he joined the Vienna Circle and founded his Mathematical Colloquium. The present volume of "Advances in Austrian Economics" offers the transcription of those unpublished parts of Menger's notes written between 1923-1938. It is hoped that these notes, together with the editor's contextual explanations, provide a subtext to Menger's biography during this influential period.
Preface. Foreword. The genesis of the half-published Viennese autobiography of Karl Menger (1923–1938): new light on the Vienna Circle and the Mathematical Colloquium. Ethics and economics in Karl Menger. References. Karl Menger's Drafts – Editor's note on the text. The philosophical atmosphere in Vienna before and during the interwar period. Chapter 1 Pre-circle Austrian philosophy. Chapter 2 Immediate predecessors of the Circle: Mach, Boltzmann, Mauthner. Chapter 3 The Vienna circle. Part II Menger's Viennese Autobiography (Book B). Chapter 4 Between Vienna and Amsterdam (1923–1927). Chapter 5 Viennese meetings 1927–1930. Chapter 6 Visiting the United States (1930–1931). Chapter 7 Return from the U.S. (1931/32) and in Vienna again (1931–1934). Chapter 8 In Vienna between 1934 and 1938. Advisory Board. Advances in Austrian economics. Advances in Austrian economics volume 12. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Author Index.

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