Tweeting the Environment #Brexit

Jingrong Tong
Brunel University London, UK

Landong Zuo
IT Solution Architect, UK

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12 Oct 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
216 pages - 129 x 198mm
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The level of politicisation of the environment has been low in the UK. Economic concerns outweigh environmental ones in political debates, public policies and political agendas. Can the rise of social media communication change this situation? 

Tweeting the Environment #Brexit argues that, although limited by the dynamics of the British context, the technological affordances of Twitter enabled social actors such as the Green Party, ENGOs, and their associates to advance their political and green claims in order to mobilise voters before the 2016 EU referendum and to express their concerns in order to change environmental politics in the aftermath.  

The interdisciplinary research employed a combination of big data applications such as ElasticSearch and Kibana and desktop applications such as Gephi and SPSS in analysing large-scale social data. Adopting an inductive and data-driven approach, this book shows the importance of mixed methods and the necessity of narrowing down "big" to "small" data in large-scale social media research.
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The Environment and Politics
Chapter 3. Twitter, the Media Ecology and Environmental Communication 
Chapter 4. Environmental Discourses on Twitter 
Chapter 5. Elite Domination in the Asymmetrical Twitter Space 
Chapter 6. Sparse “Communities” and their Green Bridges in Twitter Networks
Chapter 7. Influential Social Actors: Competing for Discourses on Twitter 
Chapter 8. Twitter and Environmental Politics 
Chapter 9. Social Media Research: Towards an Inductive Approach
Dr Jingrong Tong is Senior Lecturer in Digital Media and Culture at Brunel University London, UK. Her current research focuses on digital technology and journalism, social data analysis and environmental communication. She is the author of two books on investigative Journalism in China and the co-editor of an edited book on digital technology and journalism.
Dr Landong Zuo is an IT Consultant and Data Scientist specialized in data mining, data analysis and Nature Language Processing, UK. His research interests include data integration, analysis and visualization in the fields of Semantic Web, Linked Data and Big Data.

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