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Travel Behaviour Research: Updating the State of Play

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17 Nov 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
568 pages - 156 x 234 x 33mm


This collection of papers, presented by the leading researchers in the field, addresses the fundamental topics within travel behaviour research and serves both to define the state of the art and to stimulate future research. The work presented in this book is pivotal to an understanding of the current and future role of the private motor vehicle in society and helps us to understand how our future society will be shaped by the nature of personal travel. It is divided into five sections: underpinnings of travel behaviour; stated preference; travel patterns; dynamics of route choice; and, methodological advancements. The book contains twenty-nine papers originally presented at the Seventh International Conference of the International Association for Travel Behaviour Research and subsequently refereed and revised for publication. It can justly be said that the book represents the latest published update of the global map of travel behaviour research.
Chapter headings and selected papers: Underpinnings of Travel Behaviour. Behavioural assumptions overlooked in travel choice modelling (T. Garling). Causal analysis in travel behaviour research: a cautionary note (R.M. Pendyala). Stated Preference. Stated preference studies: the design affects the results (S. Widlert). Behavioural models of airport choice and air route choice (M.A. Bradley). A model of employee participation in telecommuting programs based on stated preference data (Jin-Ru Yen et al.). Travel Patterns. Two new methods for estimating trip matrices from traffic counts (O.A. Nielsen). Detecting long-term trends in travel behaviour: problems associated with repeated national personal travel surveys (U. Kunert). Changes in urban travel behaviour of elderly people (P. Pochet). Dynamics of Route Choice. Day-to-day dynamics of urban commuter departure time and route switching decisions: joint model estimation (Rong-Chang Jou, H.S. Mahmassani). The impact of dynamic traffic information: modelling approach and empirical results (E.C. van Berkum, P.H.J. van der Mede). Methodological Advancements. Discrete choice models with latent variables using subjective data (Takayuki Morikawa, Kuniaki Sasaki). Forecasting car-occupancy: literature review and model development (G. De Jong et al.). List of participants. Index.

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