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Transparency, Governance and Markets

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30 Jun 2006
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
432 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm


Theoretical and empirical research of these last decades is working on the positive and normative side in order to deepen its understanding of financial market dynamics and to tackle new and old challenges with the ambitious goal of limiting fragilities and inefficiencies. Contributions collected in this book represent a valuable and remarkable endeavour in this direction covering different topics. A first one is related to the aggregate relationship between development of financial markets and economic growth. A second topic covered is credit risk. A third important topic is related to the measure of risk in equity and bond markets. Finally, a fourth field covered is the one investigating behavior and efficiency of banking intermediaries. Overall, contributions collected in the book provide updated evidence and cover new theoretical issues arising in the field. It provides some new solutions but also highlighting new and emerging problems and creating new questions for further theoretical and empirical research. It highlights new and emerging problems. It provides up-to-date evidence and solutions. It serves as an invaluable reference for all those interested in financial market dynamics.
1. Theoretical explanations of why banks promise to pay par on demand (G.P. Dwyer,Jr., M. Samartin). 2. Productivity and efficiency measurement using parametric ecometric methods (S.C. Kumbhakar ). 3. Firm, market and strategic factors in venture capital exits (D.J. Cumming, J.G. Macintosh). 4. Financial development, inflation uncertainty and growth volatility (R. Lensink , B. Scholtens). 5. Mathematical characterization of behavioral market dynamics: from stylized agents to aggregate price processes (G. Susinno , M. Bagella, R. Ciciretti). 6. Conditional asset pricing model: an application to the Korean stock market (J.R. Norsworthy, S. Choi, R. Gorener). 7. Dividend policy of bank initial public offerings (W. Bessler , J.P. Murtagh, D.D. Siregar). 8. Financial sector development and economic growth: re-examining the nexus (G. Mavrotas , S-I Son). 9. The (corporate) equity risk premium/ (corporate) bond risk premium nexus in the US market (L. Becchetti, A. Carpentieri, R. Ciciretti, N. Solferino). 10. Asset and default correlations between non-financial corporations: evidence from the Italian stock market (C. Zazzara , Z. Rotondi). 11. Margin requirements with intraday dynamics (J. Cotter, F. Longin). 12. Non-parametric techniques to validate credit classification models: an empirical analysis ( S. Borra, S. Caiazza, S. Di Giacomo). 13. Transparency, institutional framework and capital structure: international evidence from industry data ( N. Utrer-Gonzalez ). 14. Combating black money: international cooperation and the G8s role (D. Masciandaro). 15. Networks and stock market integration: empirical evidence (I. Hasan, H. Schmiedel).

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