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Transnational Migration, Gender and Rights Vol: 10

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03 Feb 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
272 pages - 156 x 234 x 8mm
Advances in Ecopolitics


This volume of the Advances in Ecopolitics examines the impact of the recent global increase in migration from poor and conflict ridden states to more affluent peaceful regions of the world. Such migration is, in part, constituted by refugees and asylum seekers, while also constituted by labour migrants seeking to improve their lives and future prospects through their work power. Regulations apply that can have varying impacts on migrants' manoeuvring possibilities and rights, and can leave them vulnerable to exploitation. This book examines the vulnerability caused by migration, in particular, the vulnerability of women that may cause forced migration, and the ways in which this is dealt with by national authorities in affluent European states. Following an introductory chapter on transnational migration, gender and human rights, specific chapters highlight: gendered work and migration regimes; the framing of anti-trafficking efforts in Norway; deprofessionalisation and informality in the market for commoditised care; and exploring intersectionality, systems and capitals. The book concludes with a discussion of rights, gender and the embodiment of migration.
List of Contributors. List of Series Reviewers. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1 Introduction: Manoeuvring Rights: Immigrants’ Experiences of Inclusion and Exclusion. Chapter 2 EU Mobility Partnerships and Gender: Origin and Implications. Chapter 3 Gendered Work and Migration Regimes. Chapter 4 Deprofessionalisation and Informality in the Market for Commoditised Care. Chapter 5 The Essence of Food and Gender and the Embodiment of Migration. Chapter 6 ‘A Slow Assassination of your Soul’: Race, Citizenship and Gender Identities in the Borderlands of New Economic Places. Chapter 7 Exploring Intersectionality, Systems and Capitals: The Case of a Filipino Nurse in Norway. Chapter 8 At a Crossroads: Youth at the Intersection of the Family and the State. Chapter 9 From Liberalism & Democratization to Trafficking: America's Spiralling Problems and Still-Aspiring Controls. Chapter 10 Moving Beyond Assumptions? The Framing of Anti-Trafficking Efforts in Norway. Chapter 11 Difficult Victims: Perceptions of Nigerian Victims of Trafficking in Norway. About the Authors. Transnational Migration, Gender and Rights. Advances in Ecopolitics. Advances in Ecopolitics. Copyright page.

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