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Trade and Investment in a Globalising World: Essays in Honour of H. Peter Gray Vol: 19

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01 Jun 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
256 pages - 230 x 150 x 17mm
Series in International Business and Economics


This volume of collected essays by eminent scholars in the fields of International Trade and Investment have been written and edited in honour of H. Peter Gray. Over a career in economics spanning almost 40 years, Peter Gray has been a prolific writer. He has made significant contributions and syntheses in a variety of subfields in international economics; the interaction of national economics and the foreign sector, causes and results of international financial flows, the economics of foreign direct investment, the assignment of policy tools for domestic and international objectives, and the macroeconomic impact of trade policy, among others. He has directly influenced scores of graduate students who continue to carry his passion for inclusiveness of variables in the economic analysis of the causes, effects, and relative importance of shifts in domestic and international economic (and social) variables. Contributors to this volume include John Dunning, John Hagedoorn, Thomas Pugel, Ingo Walter and Gabriel Benito.
List of tables and figures. Contributors. Preface. Globalisation of markets and financial-center competition (I. Walter). Electronic commerce: its effect on service industries (C. Wymbs). Determinants of US direct investment in the EU and Japan (R. Narula, K. Wakelin). Competitive and comparative advantages: the determinants of Japanese direct investment activity in manufacturing (Yui Kimura, T.A. Pugel). The impact of direct and indirect FDI in Eastern Europe on Austrian trade and employment (W. Altzinger, C. Bellak). The role of foreign owned firms and some determinants of inward foreign direct investment in the Moroccan manufacturing sector (S. Laraqui). Incorporating trade into the investment development path (J.H. Dunning et al.). Evolutionary understanding of corporate foreign investment behaviour: US foreign direct investment in Europe (J. Hagedoorn, R. Narula). Multinational strategy and the evolution of environmental standards in the global economy (S.M. Lundan). Promotion of products from developing countries: an overview and assessment of import promotion efforts (G. Gripsrud, G.R.G. Benito). Appendix: Curriculum Vitae of H. Peter Gray. Author index. Subject index.

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