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Tourism Research Paradigms: Critical and Emergent Knowledges Vol: 22

Ana Maria Munar
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Tazim Jamal
Texas A&M University, USA

Jafar Jafari
University of Wisconsin-Stout, USA

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07 Jun 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
248 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
Tourism Social Science Series
The theme of this book is the phenomenon of tourism and knowledge construction in tourism. Adopting a broad understanding of the paradigmatic field of tourism as the evolution and relationship between established and emergent schools of thought, this book explores the dynamics between tourism knowledge and the phenomenal world of tourism. It addresses contemporary epistemological debates and examines what constitutes tourism knowledge and how tourism knowledge is acquired. Issues examined in the chapters of this volume include: the nature and conceptualization of paradigms; the historical evolution of tourism knowledge production; embodiment, positionality and situated knowledges; paradigmatic proposals such as critical theory, feminism, humanism, cosmopolitanism, post-political theory and constructivism; a critical exploration of the power relations, contradictions and fragmentation in tourism research; ontologies and conceptualization of tourism and the tourist. This volume invites a critical evaluation and discussion of the anchorage of tourism as a knowledge domain and of tourism as science.
1. What are Paradigms for? - Ana Mar?a Munar and Tazim Jamal 2. Heritage Tourism and Conservation: A Cultural Resilience Bridge? - Carolina Manrique, Tazim Jamal and Robert Warden 3. A Humanist Paradigm for Tourism Studies?: Envisioning a Collective Alternative to Epistemic Literalism - Kellee Caton 4. When is a Paradigm not a Paradigm? - Graham M. S. Dann 5. Toward a Critical Ecofeminist Research Paradigm for Sustainable Tourism - Blanca A. Camargo, Tazim Jamal and Erica Wilson 6. Embodying Cosmopolitan Paradigms in Tourism Research - Margaret Byrne Swain 7. The Paradigmatic Tourist - Richard Ek and Mekonnen Tesfahuney 8. The House of Tourism Studies and The Systemic Paradigm - Ana Mar?a Munar 9. A Logical Step to Tourism Science - Kazuyoshi Takeuchi 10. An Approach to Tourism Research in Spain - Jose-Antonio Corral-Marfil and Gemma Canoves-Valiente 11. “Paradigmatic” Reflections and Looking Forward - Tazim Jamal and Ana Mar?a Munar
Ana Maria Munar, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark Tazim Jamal, Texas A&M University, USA

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