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Tourism Branding: Communities in Action Vol: 1

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21 Dec 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
312 pages - 152 x 229 x 19mm
Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice


Academic studies have predominantly treated destination branding as a marketing phenomenon that happens to involve tourists as customers in a marketplace. "Tourism Branding: Communities in Action", the first volume in a new and exciting book series, considers a traditional marketing subject from multidisciplinary perspectives. Refreshingly this book attempts to free branding research and practice in tourism fields from the shackles of marketing that are dominated by the conventional approach of product, price, place, and promotion. Considering tourism branding as a community affair, this collection is distinguished from other publications by adopting a global and more multidisciplinary approach, and brings the subject of tourism branding outside of the conventional domains of marketing and destination. Special attention is given to the role and expectations of main tourism stakeholders, particularly residents, business, and government in the hosting community. Built on theoretical foundations with both empirical findings and practical cases, this book brings together different perspectives and offers an intellectual and open dialogue among academics and practitioners of the field.
Chapter 1 TOURISM BRANDING A Community Affair. Chapter 2 Challenging the Brand. Chapter 3 A Model of Virtual Destination Branding. Chapter 4 Deconstructing Brand Equity. Chapter 5 A TWO-DIMENSIONAL APPROACH TO BRANDING Integrating Identity and Equity. Chapter 6 COLLABORATIVE DESTINATION BRANDING. Chapter 7 TOURISM BRANDING IN A SOCIAL EXCHANGE SYSTEM. Chapter 8 Linking Local and Culinary Cuisines with Destination Branding. Chapter 9 SPANISH HOLIDAY BRANDS: Comparative Analysis of 10 Destinations. Chapter 10 BRANDING SPAIN'S TOURISM MIRACLE (1959–1979). Chapter 11 A Practical Framework for Destination Branding. Chapter 12 DESTINATION BRAND STRATEGY The Case of Greece. Chapter 13 THE COPENHAGEN WAY Stakeholder-driven Destination Branding. Chapter 14 Consultation Builds Stronger Brands. Chapter 15 DEVELOPING DISTINCTIVE CITY BRANDING Cases of Anseong and Bucheon, South Korea. Chapter 16 STRATEGIC BRANDING IN HOSPITALITY The Case of Sol Meliá. References. Copyright page. Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice. Tourism Branding: Communities in Action. Copyright page. About the Authors. Subject Index.

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