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Tourism and Religion Vol: 3

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20 Dec 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
228 pages - 156 x 234 x 16mm
Tourism Social Science Series


The interrelationship of religion and tourism has barely been touched upon in scholarly research. This book aims to present and analyze this relationship from sociological, economic and anthropological perspectives. The religious tourist and categories of religiously motivated tourism are delineated, and numerous contemporary issues worthy of attention and research are identified. This provides insights into the relationship between tourism and religion: suppression or encouragement of one by the other; potential and actual conflicts; their mutual casualty and impact; the expression of religious feeling or freedom; the touristic determinants of pilgrimages, etc. The author ends with his own observations and conclusions regarding the future of the relationship and its likely direction and development.
Chapter headings: Acknowledgements. Preface. Spiritual Life and Leisure Time. Religion as a Cause and Result of Migrations. Tourism -- A Form of Seasonal Migration. The Motivation of Tourist Journeys. Religious Feelings and Needs as Motives For Tourist Migrations. Religious Contents in Tourism. Homo Turisticus Religiosus. Tourism Theorists. The Theological View of Tourism. Pilgrimage -- Common to all Religions. The Tourististic Determinants of Pilgrimages. Medugorje -- A Tourism Case. Tourism in the Institutionalized Forms of the Church. The Economic Repercussions of Religious Tourism. Future Scenarios.

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