Tools and Techniques for Financial Stability Analysis Vol: 5

Indranarain Ramlall
University of Mauritius, Mauritius

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04 Dec 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
150 pages - 152 x 229mm
The Theory and Practice of Financial Stability
Combatting financial stability risks is a challenging prospect which can by no means be concentrated into a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. It is important to select the appropriate tools and techniques in order to monitor, analyse and maintain financial stability. 

Tools and Techniques for Financial Stability Analysis explores all key aspects of analytical tools and challenges for sound financial stability assessments. Comprehensive coverage is given to value at risk, stress testing, graphical tools for financial stability, the financial system stress index, as well as ratios and metrics of financial stability assessment. Finally, a concluding chapter dedicates itself to the key challenges of financial stability. 

This book will prove valuable to central bankers, economists and policy-makers who are involved in the field of financial stability, as well as researchers studying the field.
Chapter 1. Value-at-Risk 
Chapter 2. Stress Testing 
Chapter 3. Graphical Tools of Financial Stability 
Chapter 4. Financial System Stress Index 
Chapter 5. Ratios/Metrics of Financial Stability Assessment 
Chapter 6. Challenges of Financial Stability: The Road Ahead
Indranarain Ramlall, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Mauritius. Prior to joining the University, he was a Credit Corporate Officer at the State Bank of India (Mauritius), and then a Fund Manager at Anglo-Mauritius Financial Services Limited. Dr Ramlall previously worked within the Financial Markets Division and the Financial Stability Unit at the Bank of Mauritius (The Central Bank of Mauritius). At this time, he also served as a member of the Joint Working Group Committee on Debt Management and the Sub-Committee on Treasury Bill Allocation. He has participated actively in various international scientific conferences and his research interests include financial stability, central banking, risk management, investment analysis, econometric modelling and the economics of climate change.

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