Theory and Method in Higher Education Research Vol: 4

Jeroen Huisman
Ghent University, Belgium

Malcolm Tight
Lancaster University, UK

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12 Nov 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
256 pages - 152 x 229mm
Theory and Method in Higher Education Research
Higher education research is a developing field internationally, which is attracting more and more researchers from a great variety of disciplinary backgrounds within and beyond higher education institutions. As such, it is an arena within which a wide range of theories, methods and methodologies are being applied.

This volume of Theory and Method in Higher Education Research contains analyses and discussions of, amongst others, topic modelling, geometric data analysis, creativity and playfulness, longitudinal network analysis, grounded theory methods and autonetnography.

Introduction; Jeroen Huisman and Malcolm Tight
Using the Sociology of Basil Bernstein in Higher Education Research; Michael Donnelly and Andrea Abbas
A Probalistic Approach to Studies in Higher Education; Adriana Perez-Encinas and Jesus Rodriguez-Pomeda
Refocusing Threshold Concepts: Surfacing and Attending to Student Misconceptions as a Necessary (and Safer) Form of Liminal Learning; Melinda Lewis, Jason Lodge and Rosanne Quinnell
Creativity and Playfulness in Higher Education Research; Nicole Brown and Jennifer Leigh
Capturing Hybrid Institutional Logics in Higher Education: Qualitative Document Analysis as a Methodological Approach; Jarrett Warshaw and Stevie Upton
Globalisation and Differentiation in Higher Education Systems; Frans van Vught, Marijk van der Wende and Don Westerheijden
Exploring the Complex Social Spaces of Higher Education: Challenges of Geometric Data Analysis and Topological Approaches; Fabian Mundt and Kenneth Horvath
Methodological Tracks to Study Research Collaboration Networks in Higher Education; Denise Leite, Isabel Pinho, Celia Caregnato and Bernardo Miorando
Longitudinal Peer Network Data in Higher Education; Jasperina Brouwer, Ellen Jansen, Andreas Flache andAdriaan Hofman
Casting the 'Net' in Autonetnography: Exploring the Potential for Analytic Autonetnography as an Emerging e-Research Methodology; Lyz Howard
Practice-Focused, Constructivist Grounded Theory Methodology in Higher Education Leadership Research; Sal Jarvis
Human and Social Capital and their Application in Higher Education Research; Malcolm Tight
The State of the Art on Higher Education Research on Flanders; Bruno Broucker, Jeroen Huisman, Jef Verhoeven and Kurt De Wit
Jeroen Huisman is Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Sociology, Ghent University, Belgium. He is author/editor of around 300 publications. His research interests revolve around policy and governance in higher education and organisational change and governance of higher education institutions. His most recent (co-edited) books include Policy Analysis of Structural Reforms in Higher Education: Processes and Outcomes and 25 Years of Transformations of Higher Education Systems in Post-Soviet Countries: Reform and Continuity.
Malcolm Tight is Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University, UK. He is the author or editor of over 50 books and over 150 journal articles and book chapters. His main research interest is in the development of higher education research, and his most recent books include Researching Higher Education and Higher Education Research: The Developing Field.

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