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The Sustainability of Restorative Justice Vol: 14

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28 Feb 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229 x 25mm
Advances in Sustainability and Environmental Justice
There is a growing acknowledgment amongst professionals and academics that we need to develop new responses to crime. This book provides an insight into the first introduction of restorative justice to the criminal justice system in the Republic of Ireland. By analysing six case studies of restorative conferencing events, the authors aim to address the salient question of how restorative conferencing for young offenders can facilitate an exchange process whereby forms of reparation and social regulation may be achieved. The restorative justice process has much to offer, and the authors argue that this concept, particularly as it centres on the greater use of non custodial sentences, will not only bring about changes in the law but also have significant implications for social regulation.
Theories of regulation and social control. Restorative justice: Philosophy, theory and practice. Youth justice in the republic of Ireland. Restorative justice in practice: The Irish case. Restorative justice in practice. Restorative process and case studies in restorative conferencing. Discussion and recommendations. About the Authors. References. Abbreviations. Preface. Advances in Sustainability and Environmental Justice. Acknowledgements. The Sustainability of Restorative Justice. The Sustainability of Restorative Justice. Copyright page. Introduction. Subject Index.

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