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The Science and Simulation of Human Performance Vol: 5

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01 Dec 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
628 pages - 156 x 234 x 33mm
Advances in Human Performance and Cognitive Engineering Research


Simulations are often used in the military and other performance-critical fields (e.g., law enforcement, aviation, emergency management) to assess readiness, to support training, management, and decision making and to conduct mission rehearsal. This volume documents the state of the art and presents a state of the possible individual and small unit human performance research and simulation. Distinguished scientists from within the military, academe, government and private industry consider how best to gather and relate human performance data, and offer specific recommendations to advance the development of models and simulations of individual and small unit behavior. The result is a uniquely interdisciplinary volume that draws upon the knowledge and experience of recognized experts whose insights converge upon problems of common interest and relevance to researchers, analysts, and developers.
Preface. (K.E. Friedl, Ph.D). State of the Art: Human Performance Assessment in the Military. Introduction. (B. Palmer). The Measurement of Individual and Unit Expertise. (J.L. Dyer). Toward the State of the Possible: Theory and Measurement of Human Performance. Theoretical Assumptions and Scientific Architecture. (J.W. Ness, V. Tepe). The Science of Human Performance: Methods and Metrics. (D. Boehm-Davis, R. Holt). Representing Cognition as an Intent-Driven Process. (J. Fallesen, S.M. Halpin). The Physiology of Performance, Stress, and Readiness. (D. Penetar, K.E. Friedl). Measuring Team Performance: A Review of Current Methods and Consideration of Future Needs. (D.L. Kendall, E. Salas). An Integrated Neurochemical Perspective on Human Performance Measurement. (F.H. Previc). Analytical Issues and Recommendations. Statistics and the Art of Model Construction. (R.R. Vickers, Jr.). Toward Realism in Human Performance Simulation. (B.G. Silverman). Conclusions and Recommendations: In Pursuit of Order and Progress. (G. Mastroianni, V.E. Middleton). Resources. The Study and Measurement of Human Performance by Military Service Laboratories. (E. Redden, J.B. Sheehy, E. Bjorkman).

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