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The Policy Implementation Process in Developing Nations Vol: 6

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18 Oct 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
176 pages - 150 x 230 x 18mm
Policy Studies in Developing Nations


This volume is part of the policy studies organization comprehensive multi-volume treatise on policy studies and developing nations. It focuses on the policy implementation process in developing nations. The major concern is to better understand how political and administrative institutions of particular countries effect their domestic policy implementation process.
List of contributors. Introduction (F. Lazin). Overviews. Policy implementation in poor countries (J.E. Lane). Implementing public policy in India (R.B. Jain). Policy-making and implementation in the context of extreme uncertainty: South Africa and Israel (S.X. Hanekom, I. Sharkansky). Case Studies. Politics and institutions in economic policy implementation in Malaysia (Khai Leong Ho). The influence of political and administrative institutions on the policy-making process in Nigeria (I.B. Bello-Imam). Ankara within the context of decentralization: the Dikmen Valley Project (M. Yuksel). Different Environments. Legislative behavior and policy implementation in the Caribbean (G.S. Mahler, K.W. Craig). The transformation of political and administrative institutions in East Germany between external determinants and "endogenous" factors (H. Wollman). Conclusion. Methodological and substantive issues in the policy implementation process (F. Lazin). Author index.

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