The Perspective of Historical Sociology: The Individual as Homo-Sociologicus Through Society and History

Jiří Šubrt
Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

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09 Nov 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
312 pages - 152 x 229mm


This book provides a comprehensive overview of the range of themes which make up the field of Historical Sociology. Jiří Šubrt systematically discusses the main problems of societal development, long term process and changes in the key areas of social life. These include not only temporalized sociology, evolutionary theory, civilizational analysis, societal systems, structures and functions, but also modernization and revolution, risk, crisis, catastrophe and collapse, wars, conflicts and violence, nations, nationalism and collective memory. This study does not ignore the fundamental dichotomy underlying the discipline, which is between individualism and holism. 

At the heart of this book lies the human individual as related to social and historical development. The key question is who or what is responsible for the process of human history: society or the individual? The author concludes by offering an approach which may help in resolving this dilemma.
Part 1: The Perspective of Historical Sociology 
The Path to Historical Sociology 
History and Sociology 
Theoretical Dilemmas 

Part 2: Societies in the Processes of Changes 
The Dimension of Time Social Change – Different Approaches to its Observation and Analysis  
Crisis as a Challenge  

Part 3: Ideas of the Sociological “Founding Fathers” 
Sociology as a Science of Social Statics and Dynamics 
The Evolution of the Social Organism 
Historical Materialism 
Explaining the Emergence of Capitalism 
Digression on the Early Rationalization of Time 
Sociology as a Science About Social Facts 
A Digression on Collective Memory  

Part 4: Systems, Structures, and Functions 
The Social System and Evolution 
Inequality, Stratification, Mobility 
Theories of Conflict 
Structuralism and Post-Structuralism 
Functional Differentiation and its Consequences 

Part 5: Civilizational Analysis 
Civilizing Process 
Paradigms of Human Condition 
Civilizations of the Axial Age 

Part 6: The Modern World, its Formative Processes and Transformations  
Pathways to Modern Society 
The Formation of Modern Nations 
The Dark Side of Modernization 
Wars, Conflicts and Violence 
From the First Modernity to the Second Modernity 

Part 7: The Human Individual and History 
Individualization in the Perspective of Historical-Sociological Thinking
Individualism and Holism 
Homo Sociologicus 
Human Individual and His Place in History
Jiří Šubrt is Associate Professor of Historical Sociology at Charles University, Czech Republic, working in the Department of Historical Sociology, which he founded in 2008. His research focuses on modernisation theory and questions of time and memory. He has authored or edited more than twenty books, and has made many contributions to international publications and conferences.

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