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The Past, Present and Future of International Business and Management Vol: 23

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27 Jul 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
669 pages - 156 x 234 x 53mm
Advances in International Management
This volume concentrates on the substantive gaps in the IB/IM field and addresses whether these gaps are resolvable with our current theoretical and methodological toolkit. This entails three specific queries about the past and present: Have our theories advanced some combination of explanation and prediction? Have our methods proven to be effective in providing rigorous, robust and consistent evidence with respect to the explanatory and predictive validity of our theories? Have we studied the right phenomena in the right way?
Scientific mindfulness: A foundation for future themes in international business.  
Behavioral elements in foreign direct investments.  
Exploring the role of managerial intentionality in international business.  
The past, present and future of managing distance: stakeholders and development. 
Cultural intelligence and all that Jazz: A cognitive revolution in international management research?. 
Walking the cultural distance: in search of direction beyond friction.  
Software, distance, friction, and more: a review of lessons and losses in the debate for a better metaphor on culture. 
The liabilities of origin: an emerging economy perspective on the costs of doing business abroad. 
Country level corruption as a liability of foreignness: effects on staffing, incentives, and activities.  
Liability of foreignness: new insights from capital markets. Editors' Biography. 
Institutional distance in international business research.  
Building competitive advantage in a global environment: leadership and the mindset. 
Top management teams and societal context: the international dimensions of top management. 
Managing the fragmented value chain of global business: exploitative and explorative offshoring toward emerging market economies. 
Global marketing strategy: past, present, and future.  
Technological clusters and multinational enterprise R&D strategy. 
Management innovation and the multinational corporation. 
Innovation and the multinational enterprise.  
A multilevel approach to understanding the multinationality–performance relationship. 
Nonlinear internationalization: a neglected topic in international business research.  
List of Contributors. Diasporas as drivers of national competitiveness.  
Internationalization of emerging market firms: a case for theoretical extension. 
Introduction to Section 1 Booz & co./strategy+business eminent scholar in international management 2009. 
Editors' introduction. 
Introduction to Section 2 The past, present and future of international business & management. 
From culture and behavior to culture and self-deception.  
Culture, psychology, management, and Harry Triandis.  
Self-deception and the ideal culture: implications for international management research.

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