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The Organizational Response to Social Problems Vol: 8

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18 May 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
404 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Research in Social Problems and Public Policy
From the de-institutionalization of psychiatric hospitals to the privatization of prisons, the dramatic public policy changes of the last three decades have been, to a large extent, changes in organization. The chapters in this volume examine these organizational changes. We learn how organizations shift strategies, create alliances, cross boundaries and react to incentives as they respond to changing environmental pressures. We learn about the complex relationships between organizations and their clients and how these relations can be altered in response to environmental change. Chapters in the first section focus primarily on inter-organizational relations among health care and community development organizations. Chapters in the second section focus primarily on relations between organizations and their clients, both in medical organizations and in the criminal justice system.
EDITORIAL BOARD. List of Contributors. The organizational response to social problems: Changing interorganizational and organization-client relations. Beyond Babel: Establishing system-wide principles of collaborative care for adults with serious and persistent mental illness. Community-based service providers for people with chronic care needs: Survival in an uncertain environment. The government non-profit relationship: Towards a partnership model for HIV/AIDS prevention in the Latino community. Implementing a mental health case management system: Technological change and organizational structure. Ritual conformity to the Americans with disabilities act: Coercive and normative isomorphism. Organizational infrastructure and community capacity: The role of broker organizations. Fighting drug and alcohol abuse in communities and improving race relations: Theoretical lessons learned. Between partnership and privatism: The case of rebuild L.A.. Organizing a community response to environmental injustice: Walpole island's heritage centre as a social movement organization. Toward an understanding of responses to methadone maintenance treatment organizational style. The sexual culture of psychiatric treatment facilities and mental illness clients' HIV risk: A theoretical framework and pilot study. Resource mobilization and the reduction of prison violence. A public health — juvenile justice collaboration to address the psychiatric needs of incarcerated youth. Child abuse and its consequences.

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