The New Silk Road leads through the Arab Peninsula: Mastering Global Business and Innovation

Anna Visvizi
DEREE - The American College of Greece, Greece

Miltiadis D. Lytras
DEREE - The American College of Greece, Greece

Wadee Alhalabi
Effat University, Saudi Arabia

Xi Zhang
Tianjin University, China

Product Details
10 Jul 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
280 pages - 152 x 229mm


Building on the tradition, promises and advances brought by the historical Silk Road, the Belt and Road Initiative launched by Chinese authorities in 2013 has the potential to re-draw the map of checks and balances in the global economy. The New Silk Road leads through the Arab Peninsula: Mastering Global Business and Innovation offers an in-depth inquiry into the origins, implications, opportunities and synergies that China’s Belt and Road Initiative creates for stakeholders in both Asia and the Arab World. 

Acclaimed academics, practitioners and experts contribute to a fascinating overview of critical issues that emerge along the New Silk Road. Chapters address issues such as dispute resolution, the geopolitics of international business, the enabling role of sophisticated technologies, approaches to innovation promotion and cross-cultural collaboration. Case-studies featuring specific businesses and industries operating in the Belt and Road context further add to the empirical focus that this book offers. 

An essential resource for graduate and executive education in a range of fields, including international business, international political economy, strategic management, and applied computer science, this volume will also serve as an illuminating study for anyone interested in contemporary global affairs.
Chapter 1: Overview & Introduction; Anna Visvizi, Militiadis D. Lytras, Wadee Alhalabi, Xi Zhang 
Chapter 2: The Spirit of Silk Road: The Impact of Medieval Chinese-Arab Relations on the Contemporary Bilateral Sino-Arab Relations; Tarek Ladjal, Tayeb Brahimi
Chapter 3: The Past, the Present and the Future of the New Silk Road: China as a Leader or a Free-Rider in International Relations; Krzysztof Kozłowski
Chapter 4: Dispute Resolution along the Belt and Road Initiative; Maria Eleni Chryssanthakopoulou 
Chapter 5: The State of Innovation Dimensions in the GCC Countries: Past Development & the Future Ahead; Zeyad Haj Bakry, Saad Haj Bakry
Chapter 6: Building ICT Knowledge Capacity for Female Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Socio-Economic Growth in the Middle East; Mehedi Masud, Ahmad Tasnim Siddiqui, Eman Alkhammash 
Chapter 7: The Analysis of "Online Silk Road" from the Perspective of Big Data; Xin Wein, Yunxin Wei, Peng Chen, Cencen Fan, Heng Luo, Qianqian Zhao, Yingchao Kong 
Chapter 8: A Framework for the Competitive Intelligence Service System for Strategic Emerging Industries in China; Jie Zhao, Jianfei Wang, Suping Fang, Huinan Zhang, Peiquan Jin 
Chapter 9: An Overview of Artificial Intelligence Research and Development in China; Xujian Zhao, Hui Zhang, Chunming Yang, Bo Li 
Chapter 10: Introduction to Chinese Knowledge Graphs and their Applications; Tianxing Wu, Guilin Qi, Cheng Li 
Chapter 11: Pakistan's Role in the New Silk Route: Belt and Road Initiative; Izza Aftab, Saeed-ul-Hassan, Syeda Amna Hassan, Waqas Rana 
Chapter 12: The Chinese and the Saudi New Energy Models Transcending into Regional Energy Cooperation; Hadas Peled, Tommi Yu, Vasilis Trigkas 
Chapter 13: Cluster Analysis and Overseas Warehouse Assignment of Chinese Smartphones Under "The Belt and Road" Initiative; Shunqi Hou, Xiaoyu Wang, Jingjing Xiao, Yurui Zhang Feiyang Cheng
Chapter 14: A Research on the development trend of Knowledge Payment Based on Zhihu; Jingjing Wang, Zhiqiang Li, Huanhuan Feng, Yuanjing Guo, Zhengbo Liang, Luyao Wang, Xing Wan, Yalin Wang
Chapter 15: Conclusions; Anna Visvizi, Militiadis D. Lytras, Wadee Alhalabi, Xi Zhang
Anna Visvizi is an Associate Professor at Deree College, Greece. She is also an editor, policy advisor research consultant and economist. 
Miltiadis D. Lytras is a Research Professor at Deree College, Greece, who has co-edited over 40 books and journals in the areas of knowledge management and e-learning. 
Wadee Alhalabi is an Associate professor and Director of the Virtual Reality Research Center at Effat University, Saudi Arabia.  
Xi Zhang is a Professor at the College of Management and Economics (COME), Tianjin University, China.

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