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The Many Faces Of Multi-Level Issues Vol: 1

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01 Jul 2002
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
420 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Research in Multi Level Issues
This title is part of a series that aims to present timely, scholarly work on multiple levels of analysis, multi-level theory, research, and methods. The focus is on 'critical essays', theoretical work, empirical studies, methodological developments, analytical techniques, and philosophical treatments.
Planning: Planning in organizations: performance as a multi-level phenomenon, M.D. Mumford et al; Images of Planning, Performance, and Other Theory, A.C. Bluedorn; Planning in organizations - one vote for complexity, S. Finkelstein; Planning in organizations - complexity, history, and performance, M.D. Mumford. Selection: A multilevel perspective on personnel selection research and practice - implications for selection system design, assessment, and construct validation, R.E. Ployhart, B. Schneider; Leveling the selection field, C. Ostroff; A multilevel perspective on personnel selection: are we ready?, N. Schmitt; A multilevel perspective on personnel selection: when will practice catch up?, R.E. Ployhart, B. Schneider. Perceptions of Politics: Perceptions of organizational politics: theory and research directions, G.R. Ferris et al; Multilevel theorizing about perceptions of organizational politics, R.L. Dipboye, J.B. Foster; Politics and political behavior: where else do we go from here?, D.B. Fedor, J.M. Maslyn; Perceptions of organizational politics: additional thoughts, reactions, and multi-level issues, G.L. Adams et al. Culture: Linking culture and behavior in organizations: suggestions for theory development and research methodology, P.C. Earley, E. Mosakowski; Culture, levels of analysis, and cultural transition, J.A. Alutto; Linking culture to behavior: focusing on more proximate cognitive mechanisms, M.W. Morris, M.J. Young; Exploring cross-level effects in cultural research, P.C. Earley, E. Mosakowski. Simulation: Multi-level simulation analysis: the dynamics of HIV/AIDS, S.T. Seitz, C. Hulin; Multi-level simulation analysis: a methodology for planning and evaluation in public health, R.S. Bernstein; Multi-level simulation analysis issues: four themes, S.E. Markham; On recommending computational modeling, S.T. Seitz, C. Hulin.

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