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The Handbook of Qualitative Research in Education

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20 Jan 1992
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
257 pages - 152 x 229 x 61mm


This book is a compilation of state-of-the-art chapters by established and rising stars in the field. The qualitative approach to gathering data is an exciting development in educational research, and as yet there are no comprehensive reference works available. This book offers a range of perspectives on the field, and is of considerable utility to researchers and graduate students alike.
The Current Boundaries and the Future Directions of Ethnographic Research: H.F. Wolcott, Posturing in Qualitative Research. G. Spindler and L. Spindler, Cultural Process and Ethnography: An Anthropological Perspective. M.L. Dobbert and R. Kurth-Schai, Systematic Ethnography: Toward an Evolutionary Science of Education and Culture. J.J. Schensul and S.L. Schensul, Collaborative Research: Methods of Inquiry for Social Change. F. Erickson, Ethnographic Microanalysis of Interaction. J.P. Gee, S. Michaels, and M.C. O'Connor, Discourse Analysis. E. Jacob, Culture, Context and Cognition. P. Woods, Symbolic Interactionism: Theory and Method. L.S. Grant and G.A. Fine, Sociology Unleashed: Creative Directions in Classical Ethnography. R.A. Quantz, On Critical Ethnography (with Some Postmodern Considerations). P.F. Carspecken and M. Apple, Critical Qualitative Research: Theory, Methodology, and Practice. L.G. Roman, The Political Significance of Other Ways of Narrating Ethnography: A Feminist Materialistic Approach. Issues in the Execution of Ethnography and Qualitative Research: D.L. Deyhle, G.A. Hess, Jr., and M.D. LeCompte, Approaching Ethical Issues for Qualitative Researchers in Education. M.A. Eisenhart and K.R. Howe, Validity in Educational Research. G. Jensen and A. Peshkin, Subjectivity in Qualitative Research. Applications of Qualitative and Ethnographic Research: M.A. Pitman and J.A. Maxwell, Qualitative Approaches to Evaluation: Models and Methods. R.B. Webb and C. Glesne, Teaching Qualitative Research. M.D. LeCompte and J. Preissle, Toward an Ethnology of Student Life in Schools and Classrooms: Synthesizing the Qualitative Research Tradition. Index.

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