The Great Debates in Entrepreneurship Vol: 27

Donald F. Kuratko
Indiana University Bloomington, USA

Sherry Hoskinson
University of Arizona, USA

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24 Aug 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
136 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Economic Growth
This volume presents some of the most important 'debates' that exist in the field of Entrepreneurship today. It brings together leading scholars, deriving contributions from special sessions designed by the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) to discuss both sides of these 'great debates'. Topics include: “Is the Business Plan Really Dead and Should It Be,” “Does the Lean Start up Deserve all the Hype?”Entrepreneurial Ecosystem - Weak Metaphor or Genuine Concept?” “Teaching vs. Doing – Is there a Role for Lecture and Content in Entrepreneurship Education?” “Should Centers Be Controlled Centrally?” and “Is a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship Worth It?”.
Introduction: The Great Debates in Entrepreneurship; Donald F. Kuratko, Indiana University & Sherry Hoskinson, University of Delaware 
Why Content and Lecture Matter in Entrepreneurship Education; Michael H. Morris, University of Florida
Keeping It Real: The benefits of experiential teaching methods in meeting the objectives of entrepreneurship education; Jaime L. Williams & Richard J. Gentry; University of Mississippi 
Is the Business Plan Really Dead and Should it Be?: A Case for the Lean Startup Approach; Alex F. DeNoble, San Diego State University & Ted D. Zoller, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Weak Metaphor or Genuine Concept?; Xaver Neumeyer, University of North Dakota & Andrew C. Corbett; Babson College 
Gazelle Solution vs. Portfolio Thinking; Donald F. Kuratko & Elise N. Hudson, Indiana University 
Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Not Major in Entrepreneurship; Alexander Zorychta, University of Virginia
Valuing a Bachelor Degree in Entrepreneurship – The LMU Experience; David Y. Choi, Jason D’Mello, & Darlene Fukuji; Loyola Marymount University 
Should University Entrepreneurship Centers be Controlled Centrally? Lessons Learned from Transitioning from a Business School to a Centralized Center; Jeanne M. Hossenlopp, Marquette University 
B School, E School or D School: Does Entrepreneurship Program Location Matter or Is It the Ecosystem that Counts?; Jeffrey S. Hornsby, University of Missouri-Kansas City

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