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The Foundations of Educational Effectiveness

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23 Apr 1997
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
356 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm


How much do schools really matter? How sure are we on "what works" in education and why? Why is it that certain educational practices work better than others in improving educational effectiveness? In this book, recent research and theoretical interpretations are used in a critical analysis of the knowledge base on educational effectiveness. It offers new insights into the most promising levers for school improvement and shows future directions for educational research. In the first part of the book, concepts of school and educational analysis are defined, and various alternative perspectives discussed. The scope and range of application of the concept of school effectiveness is demonstrated by referring to empirical studies on the stability of school effects over time, the consistency of effects over grades, classrooms and subject matter areas and the generalizability of research findings across contexts. Particular attention is given to international comparative findings. The second part of the book is an assessment of the available knowledge base by means of a context analysis of instruments to measure hypothetical effectiveness enhancing conditions and a review of reviews and meta-analyses. In the third part, the modelling and theoretical interpretation of educational effectiveness is the central issue, laying bare basic explanatory mechanisms that are examined for their usefulness as levers for school improvement. In the final chapter, implications for future research in educational effectiveness are examined.
Section headings: Foundations. The conceptual map of school effectiveness. Modelling educational effectiveness. Size, stability, consistency and scope of school effectiveness. The Knowledge Base. The meaning of the factors that are considered to work in education. The knowledge base on effectiveness-enhancing conditions, part 1: qualitative reviews. The knowledge base on effectiveness-enhancing conditions, part 2: quantitative research syntheses. An international comparative school effectiveness study using reading literacy data. Redirection. Theories on school effectiveness. Redirection of school effectiveness inquiry.

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