The Emerald Handbook of Quantum Storytelling Consulting

David M. Boje
New Mexico State University, USA

Mabel Sanchez
New Mexico State University, USA

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10 Dec 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
344 pages - 152 x 229mm
There is a paradigm shift happening in storytelling consulting. The old one-story-fits-all consulting paradigm—helping companies to brand their founding story, do elevator pitches, and deliver stump speeches—is giving way to quantum storytelling consulting. The quantum age has moved away from a mechanist, Newtonian, simple-cause-and-effect understanding of reality and life, and storytelling consulting is now about an ensemble of stories rather than a single pitch. It’s about developing the spaces for storytelling processes; it’s about the times when storytelling is emerging; and it’s about the kinds of ‘mattering’ or material agency that the storytelling has. In the quantum age, space, time, and mattering have no separation; instead, spacetimemattering storytelling emerges, self-organizes, and creates change management. It is no longer the case that one narrative fits all. Rather, it is the interplay of many living stories that create the complex forces of change within organizations.

The Emerald Handbook of Quantum Storytelling Consulting collects the findings of quantum storytelling researchers and consultants to develop a practical understanding of quantum storytelling consulting by sharing case examples, describing how to enact specific practices, and outlining how to conduct research into the impact and consequences of quantum thinking.
Introduction; David M. Boje and Mabel Sanchez, with contributions from Rohny Saylors 
Part I: Quantum Storytelling Consulting 
Chapter 1. Quantum Storytelling, Ensemble Leadership Theory, and World Ecology; David M. Boje 
Chapter 2. The Break: Work-life Balance, Energy and Leadership Anno 2016 - Reconfiguring Contemporary Leadership through 2400 Years Old Coaching Concept Protreptic, Walking and Material Storytelling; Anete M. Camille Strand, Jakob Aagaard Mortensen and Jens Larsen 
Chapter 3. Improv Theater for Leadership Pedagogy; David M. Boje 
Chapter 4. Sociomaterial Fractals in a Quantum Storytelling Frame; Tonya Henderson 
Chapter 5. Storytelling on Consciousness-Based View of Organizing; Marja Turunen  
Part II: Applications to Fields of Study  
Chapter 6. Tolerance for Critical Thinking via Entrepreneurial Storytelling; Rohny Saylors  
Chapter 7. Revealing Antenarratives in the Autism of Quantum Storytelling; Jillian Saylors 
Chapter 8. Sande Leadership: Sustainable Education and Professional Development; Wanda Tisby-Cousar 
Chapter 9. Testimonios: Conduits for Communication and Preparation; Cynthia Cortez 
Chapter 10. Quantum Storytelling Network Analysis of Supply Chain Management: A Case Study; Ruoqing Zhang and Wenkai Zhou 
Chapter 11. Reading Behind the Scene of Public Stories: Quantum Storytelling Triangulation; Nazanin Tourani 
Chapter 12. The Fulfillment of Panda Express's Mission and Values in Its Macro and Micro Storytelling; Yianni Liang 
Chapter 13. Entangling Organizations: Intra-active Ways of Reworking the Organizational Scenography for the Processes of Becoming of the Changed Relationalities of (dis)ability; Anete M. Camille Strand 
Chapter 14. Autoethnography and Sensemaking: a Persian Management Scholar; Bahareh Javadizadeh 
Chapter 15. Bike-sharing from a Quantum Storytelling Perspective; Jamie C. Lakey  
Part III: Research Methods for Quantum Storytelling Consulting 
Chapter 16. Organizational World-Creating in Quantum Relational Process Philosophy - Being-in-Becoming Perspective; Marita Svane 
Chapter 17. Ten Story Metrics for Organizations; Mike Bonifer and Nazanin Tourani 
Chapter 18. Mapping Quantum Storytelling Fractal Patterns Before and Beneath Triple Bottom Lines; David M. Boje
David M. Boje is a Professor, a Bill Daniels Ethics Fellow, and formerly a Bank of America Professor of Management at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, USA. David has published over 120 journal articles and 17 books, and he is the founder of the Tamara Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry.
Mabel Sanchez is a PhD Candidate at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, USA. Her current research focuses on enslavement practices endured by farmworkers in the Southwest of the United States. Her experience working in the private, government, and public sector, and living in a variety of countries, has developed her research interests in storytelling, diversity, gender and organization, organizational change, and feminist research.

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