The Emerald Handbook of Modern Information Management

James M. Matarazzo
Simmons College, USA

Toby Pearlstein
Global Director of Research (retired) Bain & Co. Inc.

Product Details
19 Dec 2017
Emerald Publishing Limited
678 pages - 152 x 229mm
Award-winning information theorists and practitioners Pearlstein and Matarazzo have assembled a group of top international authors with experience in public, academic, government, and special library settings, including experienced independent information professionals, to address the critical issues facing Information Management (IM) today.

This new handbook provides a context for approaching the world in which information professionals work; a tool, the Balanced Scorecard, to help demonstrate contribution and value; and a review of opportunities for new areas of employment and career development, ripe for applying the Information Services skill set. Through combinations of topical chapters with common themes, the professor and student will find a multi-perspective approach to the IM landscape. Used as a ready-reference, the IM practitioner will find both theoretical and pragmatic approaches to inform their decision making on traditional as well as new challenges.

For information and IM professionals, librarians, and students, this must-have handbook provides invaluable insights from the leading names in the field, enabling you to make the best decision no matter what challenges you face.

Preface: Why a Handbook Now?
Part One: The Context
1. The Economy at Large and Why You Should Care; Niloufer Sohrabji
2. Disruption and the Management of Information; Linda Berube
3. Leadership and the Political: The Environment of the Information Management Organization; John Buschman
4. Making the Business Case; Ulla de Stricker, Cindy Shamel and Constance Ard
5. Positioning for Success: A Rose by any other Name; Laura Soto-Barra and Mary Glendinning
6. Leading and Managing Strategy in the 21st Century; Mary Lee Kennedy and Rebecca Jones
7. The Delicate Balance in Copyright Today; Michele Ayers
8. Stepping Out: Organizing Information in the 21st Century; Lynne C. Howarth
9. Sustainability: What Does It Mean for You and for Your Library?; Gary Shaffer
Part Two: The Balanced Scorecard: A Framework for Demonstrating Contribution 
Customer Metrics
10. Information Audit and Impact Assessment; Sue Henczel
11. Models of Service in an Age of Acceleration; Claire Gunnels and Susan E. Green
12. Rethinking the Physical Library - Academic; Chris Flegg
13. Rethinking the Physical Library - Special: Transforming the Information Organization; Cindy Sullivan
14. Rethinking the Physical Library - Small-Medium Public Libraries; Nanci Milone Hill
15. Rethinking the Physical Library - Large Public; David Leonard
16. Information Literacy: What does it Mean and Where does it Fit In?; Laura Saunders
17. Information Veracity and the Threat of  "Fake News"; Leigh Montgomery and Barbara Gray
18. Reference Reimagined; Tamika Barnes, Iyanna Simms and Christopher Moffatt
19. Marketing Your Expertise; Anne E. Rogers and Kaia L. Densch
Internal Process Metrics
20. Optimizing, Measuring, and Reporting Value on Content Acquisition; Robin Neidorf
21. Negotiate for Information Like It Is Your Own Money - with Savvy and the Right Skills; Willem C. Noorlander
22. Evaluating and Managing Information Services; Larisa Brigevich
23. Knowledge Management Skills Applicable to Information Management - Information Management Skills Applicable to Knowledge Management in an Organization; Eva Semertzaki
24. Records Management: Fit, Value and Placement within an Organization; Chris Bednar
25. IS and Archives; Sylvia James
Learning & Growth Metrics
26. Education for Success: Multiple Avenues and Options; Susan DiMattia
27. Evaluating Staff Roles and Retention; Barbara Hirsh
Financial Metrics
28. Financial Metrics: What You Need to Know; Sylvia James
29. Competition and Collaboration: Insights from the Information Supply Chain; Jack Cahill
30. Resourcing Strategies; Stephen Phillips
31. Cost Recovery - Strategies and Options; Jill Strand
Epilogue: "All Progress is Change"
32. Big Data, Big Opportunity for Librarians and Information Professionals; Amy Affelt
33. Big Data and Text Analytics; Helen Clegg and Hugo Evans
34. Opportunity: Competitive Intelligence and Information Management; Cynthia Cheng Correia
35. Opportunity: Talent Acquisition; Christian F. Henning
36. View from the Top: What the Bosses Think; Laura Garza, Marian Krupicka and Anon
Pearlstein and Matarazzo are addressing one of the most significant challenges of our time, the design and measurement of relevant high quality information services in a world where the pace of change continues to accelerate. As types of libraries continue to converge, this book provides a forward-thinking approach for information managers in all types of institutions and settings. It cleverly combines both theory and experience to answer the question, ‘how do I create a successful future for my information service and my profession?’ This book is sorely needed. The future is now and the methodology is here. - Donnna Scheeder, Past President, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions; Past President and Fellow, Special Libraries Association

As information professionals, we are constantly renewing how we define and value our roles. This handbook provides info pros at all levels with thoughtful chapters on strategies to address our most challenging issues. This is truly a resource to return to regularly rather than one that is read once and put on the shelf. - Mary Ellen Bates, Principal, Bates Information Services Inc.

This is a very useful and innovative book for anyone seriously involved in the management of information. There have been other such books but this one is very up to date, candid, and curated by two highly experienced practitioners and scholars of the subject. I highly recommend it! - Laurence Prusak, Knowledge Strategies LLC

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