The Emerald Guide to Max Weber

John Scott
Independent Academic, UK

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08 Mar 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
224 pages - 129 x 198mm
Emerald Guides to Social Thought


This primer is the first introductory guide to the work of Max Weber designed specifically for students and those new to his work, providing a readable, clear, comprehensive and authoritative overview. The book discusses Weber’s personal biography, placing him in the context of the development of the social sciences, covering his methodology as well as his work on religion, politics, economic history, music, and the development of capitalism.

All that the reader needs to gain a good grasp of Weber’s importance is contained in this book, which provides a firm foundation for the independent reading of Weber himself and for pursuing the many discussions and interpretations of his ideas. The book will appeal to readers in sociology, politics, history, law, religion, and other areas of the social sciences to which Weber made a contribution.

The book includes a complete list of the best translations of Weber’s works into English, an extensive guide to further reading highlighting uses and applications of Weber’s ideas, and a brief overview of the German editions of his collected works.
1. Weber in Context
2. Weber: Life, Career, and Politics 
3. Studies in Property, Finance, and Class 
4. A Methodology for the Social Sciences 
5. Religion, Spirit and Modern Capitalism 
6. Comparative and Historical Explorations 
7. Economic Ethics of the World Religions 
8. Sociology and Political Domination 
9. Economy, Society, and Capitalist Development 
10. Weber's Legacy 
Appendix 1: Conspectus of Weber's Works in English 
Appendix 2: Sources and Further Reading 
Appendix 3: Collected Works in German
John Scott is a highly distinguished sociologist, with a number of accolades to his name. The author of over forty books, he is currently Visiting Professor at the Universities of Copenhagen, Exeter and Essex. In 2013 he was awarded a CBE for services to social science.
"Both the general reader and the academic researcher will find this book extremely useful"  - Professor Richard Swedberg, Cornell University, USA

"The Emerald Guide to Max Weber is a major success in making the enormous range of Weber's writings accessible to social science students and lecturers. Weber scholarship has made huge progress over recent debates, and this book is the first to deliver the deeper understanding of Weber's importance in an accessible and clear manner. John Scott has placed the teaching and appreciate of Weber on a new footing" - Professor Sam Whimster, Editor of Max Weber Studies

"In this wide-ranging analysis, John Scott explores the core components - economics, methodology, religion, comparative history and politics - of Max Weber's sociology. He offers a balanced assessment of the many divergent intepretations of Weber's sociology, especially the narrow view of Weber as primarily a 'conflict sociologist' or as a 'sociologist of capitalism'. Weber remains important for contemporary sociology because the breadth of his interests throws light on a range of modern social and political problems. Consequently Weber's influence across the social sciences continues to expand. Students will find that the extensive up-to-date references and guidelines for further reading provide valuable directives for further study" 

- Professor Bryan S. Turner, Australian Catholic University and Potsdam University, Germany

This compact volume is remarkably detailed and comprehensive in its coverage of the diversity of Weber’s scholarly interests. It will serve as a valuable guide for students unacquainted with the subject as well as for Weberian scholars. John Scott succeeds brilliantly in making Weber’s complex ideas accessible and relevant to today’s readers. - A. Javier Treviño, Wheaton College, USA

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