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The Economics of Woman and Work in the Middle East and North Africa Vol: 4

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10 May 2001
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
360 pages - 152 x 229 x 19mm
Research in Middle East Economics


This volume looks at The Economics of Woman and Work in the Middle East and North Africa
Dedication. List of Contributors. Referees for the economics of women and work in Middle East and North Africa. Introduction. Closing the gender gap in the middle east and North Africa. Female endangerment: The case of the Middle East and North Africa. Female labor force participation and economic adjustment in the MENA region. Analysis of sex-based inequality: Use of axiomatic approach in measurement and statistical inference via bootstrapping. Women, work, and economic restructuring: A regional overview. Is all work the same? A comparison of the determinants of female participation and hours of work in various employment states in Egypt. Men's work/women's work: Employment, wages and occupational segregation in Bethlehem. Gender segmention in the West Bank and Gaza strip: Explaining the absence of Palestinian women from the formal labor force. Why women earn less? Gender-based factors affecting the earnings of self-employed women in Turkey. Factors affecting female managers' careers in Turkey. Gender-based occupational segregation in the Turkish banking sector. Post-Fordist work, political Islam and women in urban Turkey. Working women and power within two-income Turkish households. Fertility, education, and household resources in Iran, 1987–1992. Iran's new Islamic home economics: An exploratory attempt to conceptualize women's work in the Islamic Republic.
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