The Disruptive Power of Online Education: Challenges, Opportunities, Responses

Andreas Altmann
MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Austria

Bernd Ebersberger
MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Austria

Claudia Mössenlechner
MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Austria

Desiree Wieser
MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Austria

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22 Nov 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
232 pages - 152 x 229mm
The higher education sector is being disrupted through the effect that technological innovations have on the educational market. As digital and mobile technologies are developing further, higher education institutions must embrace these developments to meet the needs of their learners and to not become irrelevant. In higher education, disruptive effects are mainly visible on a program/product level, with an increasing number of programs including some element of online education. Disruptive effects also become evident on a pedagogical level, where student engagement, collaboration and social learning, gamification and serious games, competency-based learning, teacher training, and overcoming geosocial divides are high on the agenda. This book considers the effect of online elements and their design on university business models and internationalization, course design, massive open online courses (MOOCs), and the scalability of online programs. It also explores how higher education institutions across the globe respond and react to the challenges and opportunities evolving in online education.
Introduction. The Disruptive Power of Online Education: Challenges, Opportunities, Responses; Andreas Altmann, Bernd Ebersberger, Claudia Mössenlechner and Desiree Wieser
Part I – Online Programs and Program Design
Chapter 1. Scaling Online Learning: The Case for a Program Level Approach; Regina Obexer
Chapter 2. Logic Leads LEARNing: MOOCs in the Middle East; Yusuf Sidani
Chapter 3, The Power of Technology in Customized Executive Education; Lynette Ryals, Ruth Bender and Toby Thompson
Chapter 4. Internationalization of Online Learning: A Double Degree Model; Charles Krusekopf
Part II – Changing Classroom Dynamics in the Digital Teaching Space
Chapter 5. Engagement in Online Learning: It’s not all About Faculty!; Kathy Bishop, Catherine Etmanski and M. Beth Page
Chapter 6. Social Collaborative Learning Environments: A Means to Reconceptualize Leadership Education for tomorrow’s Leaders and Universities?; Anja P. Schmitz and Jan Foelsing
Chapter 7. Online, not Distance Education: The Merits of Collaborative Learning in Online Education; Desiree Wieser and Jürgen-Matthias Seeler
Chapter 8. Disrupting Higher Education in Alaska: Introducing the Native Teacher Certification Pathway Program; Paul Berg, Kathryn Cruz, Tom Duening and Susan Schoenberg
Chapter 9. Academic Rigor and Video Technology in Online Learning and Teaching: A Case Study on Digital Storytelling in Masters-Level Assignment; Eva Malisius
Chapter 10. Game-Based Learning as Education Method in the Digital Age; Ronald Deckert, Felix Heymann and Maren Metz
Andreas Altmann is the founding Director of MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Austria. His research focuses on university regulation, governance and management – including the competitive environment – and market behaviour in the higher education and research sector.
Bernd Ebersberger is a Professor of Management and Economics of Innovation with the MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Austria. His research focuses on analysing innovation systems and the higher education system, the evaluation of innovation policy, quantitative industrial economics, and the economics of technical change and innovation.
Claudia Mössenlechner has been active in the field of teaching and higher education for some 20 years, focusing on English as a second language, communication skills, intercultural training and leadership. She has extensive experience as an examiner and accreditor (European Higher Education Space) and has coordinated ‘quality in teaching’ approaches at MCI, Austria.
Desiree Wieser is a Research & Teaching Assistant and PhD student at the MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Austria. Her main research area and publication activity focuses on higher education management, in particular on online education and the implementation of online education in higher education institutions.

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