The Branding of Tourist Destinations: Theoretical and Empirical Insights

Mark Anthony Camilleri
University of Malta, Malta

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04 Dec 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
264 pages - 152 x 229mm
The marketing of tourist destinations requires continuous strategic planning and decision making. The Branding of Tourist Destinations: Theoretical and Empirical Insights provides researchers and practitioners with an in-depth understanding of different tourism products, marketing strategies and destination branding tactics, as well as useful insights into sustainable and responsible tourism practices.
The authors present contemporary conceptual discussions and empirical studies on several aspects of destination branding that help contextualise the attractiveness of a range of tourist destinations. In particular, they explore how tourism marketers, including destination management organisations (DMOs), formulate strategies and tactics to attract prospective visitors. This book also sheds light on the latest industry developments in travel, tourism, hospitality and events in different contexts around the world, including destinations in Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ecuador.
Chapter 1. The Marketing Environment of Tourist Destinations; Mark Anthony Camilleri
Chapter 2. Branding Places and Tourist Destinations: A Conceptualization and Review; Chung-Shing Chan and Lawal Marafa
Chapter 3. A Stakeholder Approach for Destination Management Organizations; Jeremy Fairley
Chapter 4. Destination Branding through multisensory experiences: Case Studies from Sweden; Clarinda Rodrigues
Chapter 5. The Development of the Agritourism Sector in Campania, Italy; Veronica Di Caprio, Valentina Della Corte and Peter Wiltshier
Chapter 6. Using the Destination’s Heritage, Language, Lifestyle and "Made in Italy” as a Tourism Development Model; Kamel Ben Youssef, Giuseppe Giaccardi and Martha Friel
Chapter 7. The Consumer-Based Brand Equity from Music Events: Two Case Studies from Portugal; Gisela Alves, Arnaldo Coelho and Vítor Roque
Chapter 8. Branding Porto: A Case Study of the “Essence of Wine”; Ana Pinto Borges, Elvira Vieira and Paula Rodrigues
Chapter 9. Oleo Tourism Development in Jaén, Spain; Carla Marano-Marcolini, Anna D’Auria and Marco Tregua
Chapter 10. Exploring the Hotel Managers’ Attitudes toward Environmental Responsibility. An Empirical Study from Ecuador; María Dolores Sánchez-Fernández, Valentín-Alejandro Martínez-Fernández, Beder Gonzalo Aguilar Campoverde and Jackson Guillermo Valverde Jaramillo
Chapter 11. The Moderating Effect of Perceived Value on the Destination’s Image and the its Brand Extension in Alanya, Turkey; Bekir Bora Dedeoglu
Chapter 12. Measuring the customers’ attitudes toward the Hospitality Brands in India: A Social Identity Perspective; Raouf Ahmad Rather
Mark Anthony Camilleri is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Corporate Communication at the University of Malta. His research interests include tourism marketing, stakeholder engagement and strategic corporate social responsibility. He has taught business subjects at undergraduate, vocational and post-graduate levels in Hong Kong, Malta, the UAE and the UK. He is also an editorial board member for a number of academic journals and scientific committees, and his contributions have been published in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and conference proceedings.

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