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Telecommunications: A Bridge to the 21st Century

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14 Dec 1995
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
380 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Global changes in policy and technology in the telecommunications industry in the 1990s are described and analyzed in this volume, showing how this industry creates a bridge for society's transition to the next century. Dynamic innovations in technology are encouraging a relatively free world market and a Global Information Infrastructure for use by developed and developing economies. The volume discusses the challenges posed by these innovations for closing the gap between the information-rich and information-poor. Lessons are included for corporate and individual users as they prepare for the Global Information Infrastructure. Societal impacts of new networks, multimedia, cellular communications, equipment standards, telemedia, digital cash, the Internet, and innovative satellite systems are explored in detail with a view to future developments.
Introduction (M. Jussawalla). From the network of networks to the system of systems (E. Noam). The impact of regionalization on the future of emerging markets in information technology and trade (D. Lamberton). Future uses of cellular and mobile communications (Y.M. Braunstein). Multimedia, hypermedia and telecommunication: Seeing the sounds (D.J. Wedemeyer). Cultural basis of telecommunication systems: An introduction (S.A. Rahim). Figuring electronic money: Information economies and cyberspace politics (A. Pennings). Global telecommunications standardization in transition (D. Lassner). Satellites bid for the GII (M. Jussawalla). Toward a comprehensive policy focus for network economic activity (M. Hukill). About the editor and contributors. Index.

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