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Technology Vol: 3

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20 Dec 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
302 pages - 165 x 235 x 25mm
Research on Managing Groups and Teams
This third volume in the series presents research on technology as either a tool or context for groups and teams. The volume is more broad than some other treatments of technology and groups. Thirteen chapters by leaders from both organizational behavior and information technology present management issues from two critical perspectives: groups and teams in evolving high-tech contexts (e.g., high precision manufacturing, computer virus assessment, space shuttle mission control, minimally invasive cardiac surgery); and leading edge research on technology for communication and knowledge management within groups and teams. The latter including research on virtual teams, adaptive structuration theory, conflict management, and the management of status and deception in electronic mail. Each chapter presents a unique view of groups and teams in modern organizational environments. Readers in the fields of management, organizational behavior, management information systems, information technology, social psychology, technology management and engineering will find useful results and interpretations for both research and practice. The summary chapter by Professor Linda Argote provides an integration and starting point for future assessments of technology, groups, and teams.
List of contributors. Preface (T.L. Griffith). Teams and technology: interactions over time (G. DeSanctis et al.). Learning new technical and interpersonal routines in operating room teams: the case of minimally invasive cardiac surgery (A.C. Edmondson et al.). Substitutes for socialization and exocentric teams (P.S. Goodman, J.M. Wilson). Boundary instances in heterogeneous engineering teams: trouble management in the dram manufacturing process (J.Y. Kim, J.L. King). New organization forms and workgroups (H.C. Lucas Jr., R. Garud). Multiple system interfaces and task-based conflict: technological and human factors in control crew performance (M.J. Waller, K.A. Jehn). The impact of mobile computing on work groups (D.F. Caldwell, J.L. Koch). Truth and lying in computer-mediated groups (A.B. Hollingshead). Anonymity and consensus in computer-supported group decision making (P.L. McLeod). Technologies of status management: status dynamics in e-mail communications (D.A. Owens et al.). Media selection and identification in distributed groups: the potential cost of "rich" media (M.G. Pratt et al.). Knowledge acquisition in virtual teams (S.G. Straus, F. Olivera). Groups and technology: current themes and future directions (L. Argote).

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