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Technology Evolution and the Internet Vol: 2

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01 Dec 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
684 pages - 165 x 240 x 30mm
Handbook of Telecommunications Economics


The objective of the second volume of the "Handbook of Telecommunications Economics" is to highlight the economic aspects of the evolution of communications technologies beyond the basic fixed-line telephony infrastructure that was covered in Volume 1. In that book, structural, regulatory and competition policy issues with respect to a well-known technology were covered. Yet, technological options have increased in a quantum manner. Fuelled by the creativity of entrepreneurs and policy-makers world wide, it is safe to infer that a process of creative destruction is well underway. Volume 2 covers the major technological developments and tracks the changes in these developments, linking them to the ways that both communications can take place and that institutions and policies can evolve. Written by world leading scholars in a manner that will be appreciated by a wide audience of academics and professionals, the fifteen detailed reviews that make up this book provide an academic perspective on these contemporary changes.
1. Technology evolution and the Internet Section I Evolution of major alternatives to traditional telephone networks 2. Emerging network technologies (B. Mitchell, D. Hatfield, P. Srinagesh). 3. Bandwagon effects (J. Rohlfs). 4. Platform competition in telecommunications (J. Church, N. Gandal). 4. Broadband communications (B. Crandall). 6. Cable television (T. Hazlett ). 7. Wireless communications (J. Gans, S. King, J. Wright). Section II The Internet. 8. The economic geography of the Internet infrastructure in the United States (S. Greenstein). 9. Economics of the internet backbone (N. Economides). 10. Pricing traffic on interconnnected networks: Issues, approaches and solutions (A. Gupta, D. Stahl, A. Whinston). 11. Toward an economics of the domain name system (M. Mueller). Section III Institutional considerations 11. Convergence and mergers (G. Faulhaber). 12. Internet anti-trust issues (G. Sidak). 13. Telecommunications and economic development (B. Wellenius, D. Townsend). 15. Institutional changes in emerging markets; Implications for the telecommunications sector (P.T. Spiller).

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