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Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results Vol: 26

Donald F. Kuratko
Indiana University Bloomington, USA

Sherry Hoskinson
Indiana University Bloomington, USA

Marie C. Thursby
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

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23 Aug 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
432 pages - 152 x 229 x 17mm
Advances in the Study of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Economic Growth
We are pleased to present this 2nd edition of Technological Innovation, originally published in 2008. Profiting from technological innovation is a key strategic challenge in technology-intensive industries because it requires not only scientific and engineering expertise, but also an understanding of how business and legal factors facilitate commercialization. This volume presents a multidisciplinary view of issues in technology commercialization and entrepreneurship. Chapters cover commercializing inventions in the context of the legal system and the complementary assets needed; the benefits and liabilities associated with multidisciplinary commercialization teams, including a basic guide to patents and designs; elements of strategy, including industry analysis and strategy, marketing strategy, and alliances; and finally, the financial issues in commercialization.
Introduction - Marie C. Thursby SECTION I: THE FUNDAMENTALS OF TECHNOLOGY COMMERCIALIZATION 1. Appropriability Strategies to Capture Value from Innovation - Marco Ceccagnoli and Frank T. Rothaermel 2. Identifying and Evaluating Market Opportunities - Marie C. Thursby and Margi Berbari 3. the Benefits and Liabilities of Multidisciplinary Commercialization Teams: How Professional Composition and Social Networks Influence Team Processes - Jill Perry-Smith and Leslie Vincent SECTION II: LEGAL AND REGULATORY ENVIRONMENTS 4. Introduction to Legal Means for Protecting Intellectual Property - Anne M. Rector, Bunny Sandefur, Marco Ceccagnoli, Meadow Clendenin and Louise Hallenborg 5. The America Invents Act: A New Patent System for the 21st Century - Timothy R. Holbrook 6. Intellectual Property and Technology Startups: What Entrepreneurs Tell Us - Stuart J. H. Graham and Ted S. Sichelman 7. FDA Regulatory Approval Process for Medical Products - William H. Kitchens SECTION III: ENTREPRENEURIAL STRATEGIES 8. Competitive Advantage in Technology Intensive Industries - Frank T. Rothaermel 9. Marketing Strategies for Commercialization of New Technologies - Leslie Vincent 10. Commercialization Strategies: Cooperation Versus Competition - Briana Sell Stenard, Marie C. Thursby and Anne Fuller SECTION IV: ENTREPRENEURIAL FINANCE 11. Valuing Early Stage Technology Firms - Michael Blake 12. Term Sheets: Valuing Investments in Emerging Technology Companies - Michael Blake 13. Licensing Inventions from Entrepreneurial Universities: the Context of Bayh-Dole - Anne M. Rector and Marie C. Thursby
Edited by Marie C. Thursby, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA

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