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Team Performance Management Vol: 6

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20 Dec 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
260 pages - 156 x 234 x 15mm
Advances in Interdisciplinary Studies of Work Teams
The chapters in this volume are drawn from the Center for Study of Work Teams most recent conference, one which brings practitioners and researchers together to share knowledge and experience. The chapters cover a diversity of issues and variables that contribute to successful teaming. They also cover a variety of types of teams and remind us that different factors apply to different team requirements. Collectively these chapters expand our knowledge base in the field. This volume is an example of how the Center has contributed to the accumulation and management of knowledge about teaming over an extended period of time. Anyone who is involved with teaming, either at the micro or macro level, will benefit from the contents of this volume and from the overall body of work it represents.
List of contributors. Introduction (M.M. Beyerlein et al.). Foreword (L. Broedling). Acknowledgments. Empowering work teams with knowledge: enhancing performance in service and information oriented industries (V. Anand et al.). Cognitive engineering in team performance measurement (R.J. Stout et al.). Helping team members help themselves: propositions for facilitating guided team self-correction (K.A. Smith-Jentsch et al.). Influence in self-managing teams: a conceptual examination of the effects of content and context factors on training enrollment decisions (W.J. Smith et al.). Evaluating the capability formation potential of integrated project teams (P.F. Skilton, V. Smith-Daniels). Applying behavior modification to the management of team performance: a systems perspective (M.T. Barriere et al.). Organizational considerations in the evaluation and compensation of work team performance (D. Windsor). An integrative theoretical framework for understanding team reward allocation preferences (A.G. Parisi, L.T. Eby). Performance management in a fourth wave society: systemic measurement, evaluation, and incentives for developing a holonic performance management system (R.E. Debold, Jr.). Complex systems and sensemaking teams: conflict, connectedness, and leadership (D. Duchon et al.). About the editors.

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