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Teaching Leaders to Lead Teachers: Educational Administration in the Era of Constant Crisis Vol: 10

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20 Aug 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
402 pages - 156 x 234 x 22mm
Advances in Educational Administration


"Teaching Leaders to Lead Teachers: Educational Administration in the Era of Constant Crisis" - In the 21st century, the perceived crisis in how schools educate students significantly influences the decision of teachers to move into administrative positions as well as their ability to succeed once they take on these positions. Influenced by the media, the community and the teacher's lounge, many good educators are increasingly unwilling or simply unprepared to make the jump into school leadership and management. This book addresses some of the issues that affect school leadership by providing insights into the current state of educational administration in the hope of demystifying or dismissing some of the popular assumptions regarding what really takes place in the administration office. In doing so, this text examines topics related to the preparation and training of prospective administrators, factors that affect the process of leading in learning environments and perspectives on the state and structure of school leadership research and development.
Becoming a Leader of Content Knowledge. Learner-Centered Leadership: Learning through Mentoring, Coaching, and Professional Development Activities. Technology for 21st Century Educational Leaders: A New Standard for Success. The CSUN/LAUSD Collaborative: A Model University/School District Partnership in the Preparation of New School Administrators. Harmonious Texture of Cultural Values and Democracy: Patterns of Success. The Role of the Building Administrator in Special Education Supervision. Evaluation and Professional Development of Special Education Teachers: Principles for the Principal. School Administrator Efficacy: Assessment of Beliefs About Knowledge and Skills for Successful School Leadership. Principals Improving Schools through Enhanced Teacher Leadership. Developing a Strategy to Enhance School Principal Credibility. Education Leadership as ‘Capital’ for a Diverse School Setting: Understanding the Dynamics of Social and Symbolic Capital as Exemplars of Successful Leadership Strategies. The Micropolitics of Teacher Leadership through an Assumptive Worlds Framework. Professional Deference: When Does it become Critical?. School Leadership in the 21st Century will Require Constructivist Leadership Skills. Educational Research and Reform: The Preparation of School Administrators. Supporting Teacher Leadership: Mixed Perceptions of Mandated Faculty Study Groups. Achieving Leadership Success with Limited Resources. Serving Community: Prosocial Engagement in Educational Administration. Transformative Leadership for Diverse Learning Communities: Redefining the Role of Professional Learning Communities in Urban Schools. Principal ‘Disengagement’: Are the Solutions Addressing the Problem?. Staying the Course: Self-Care and Mantras for the Educational Administrator. Leading While Looking Back and Within: Reflective and Reflexive Modes. Dedication. Introduction: Teaching Leaders to Lead Teachers: Educational Administration in the Era of Constant Crisis. About the Authors. Subject Index.
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