Teacher Leadership in Professional Development Schools

Jana Hunzicker
Bradley University, USA

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06 Apr 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
336 pages - 152 x 229mm
This edited collection occupies a unique position as the first book to explore teacher leadership within the context of professional development schools (PDSs) and other school-university partnerships in the United States.

In today's educational climate of data, differentiation, and accountability, teacher leadership is essential. Professional development schools and other school-university partnerships support teacher leader development by prioritizing teacher learning, modeling best practices, encouraging instructional innovations, and pursuing educational research and other scholarly work. Because PDSs and other school-university partnerships offer distinctive occasions for teachers to engage in leadership roles and responsibilities, a closer look at teacher leadership within these contexts provides a valuable opportunity for the instruction and inspiration of all educators.

Written for aspiring teacher leaders as well as for those who teach, research, serve, supervise, and lead in PDSs and other school-university partnerships, Teacher Leadership in Professional Development Schools will immerse readers in deep exploration of teacher leadership across three broad areas: Teacher Leadership and Student Learning; Definitions, Structures, and Cultures that Promote Teacher Leadership; and Teacher Leader Preparation and Development. Following a thought-provoking foreword and two introductory chapters, each of the book's three sections features three to four research-based chapters, written by higher education faculty and practicing P-12 teachers and administrators; a scholarly synthesis chapter, written by a known expert in the field; and three to four teacher leader reflections, written by aspiring, developing, and veteran teacher leaders from across the United States.
1. Professional Development Schools: An Overview and Brief History; Jana Hunzicker 
2. Teacher Leadership in Professional Development Schools: A Definition, Brief History, and Call for Further Study; Jana Hunzicker 
Section I: Teacher Leadership and Student Learning  
3. Collaborative Leadership in Meeting the Needs of English Learners in an Urban Elementary PDS; Nancy Dubetz, Maria Fella, Yokaira LaChapell and Jennifer Rivera 
4. De-tracking Ninth Grade Algebra: A Teacher Leader Success Story; Rhonda Baynes Jeffries  
5. Moving from Collaborative Teacher Inquiry to Leadership: Four Stories from Project Teacher Leadership; Clare Kruft, and Diane Wood 
6. Teacher Leader Reflections: Teacher Leadership and Student Learning:  
A Courageous, Collegial Partnership; Keri Haley and Christopher Urquhart 
From One to Many; Nancy Cryder Jones  
Learning and Leading through Collaboration; Jamie Silverman
Questions for Further Reflection; Jana Hunzicker  
7. Teacher Leadership and Student Learning; Bernard J. Badiali 
Section II: Definitions, Structures, and Cultures that Promote Teacher Leadership  
8. Teacher Leader Identities and Influences as Defined by Liaisons-in-Residence; Jennifer L. Snow, Sarah Anderson, Carolyn Cort, Sherry Dismuke and A.J. Zenkert 
9. Lab School Teacher Leaders as Learners and Change Agents; Margaret Hudson and Jayne Hellenberg  
10. National Board Certified Teachers as Bridges for Teacher Candidates Entering the Profession; Anna M. Quinzio-Zafran and Elizabeth A. Wilkins  
11. Teacher Leader Reflections: Definitions, Structures, and Cultures that Promote Teacher Leadership:  
TOTAL Teacher Leaders; Ashley Bennett
Quiet Opportunity; P. Erin Lichtenstein
Bridges; Suzanna Nelson
The Best PDS Perk; Azaria Cunningham
Questions for Further Reflection; Jana Hunzicker
12. Definitions, Structures, and Cultures that Promote Teacher Leadership: Making Sense of Section Two; Michael N. Cosenza 
Section III: Teacher Leader Preparation and Development 
13. Cultivating Teacher Candidates’ Passions into Leadership for Tomorrow: The Gift that Keeps on Giving; Vail Matsumoto, Jon Yoshioka and Lori Fulton 
14. Developing Teacher Leaders using a Distributed Leadership Model: Five Signature Features of a School-University Partnership; Brianne W. Morettini, Kathryn McGinn Luet, Lisa J. Vernon-Dotson, Nina Nagib and Sharada Krishnamurthy 
15. Growing our Own: Fostering Teacher Leadership in K-12 Science Teachers through School-University Partnerships; Zareen G. Rahman, Mika Munakata, Emily Klein, Monica Taylor and Kristen Trabona  
16. Developing Leadership Capacity in PDS Master Teachers; Somer Lewis, Amy Garrett Dikkers, Lynn Sikma and Katie Fink 
17. Teacher Leader Reflections: Teacher Leader Preparation and Development: 
Knowing and Being Known; Mark Meacham
Tools for Successful Leadership; Stefanie D. Livers
Lost Voices; Francisco J. Ocasio
Questions for Further Reflection; Jana Hunzicker
18. Teacher Leader Preparation and Development in PDS: Themes and Recommendations; Rebecca West Burns
Jana Hunzicker is an Associate Professor in the Department of Teacher Education and associate dean for the College of Education and Health Sciences at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, USA.

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