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Taking Life and Death Seriously: Bioethics from Japan Vol: 8

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10 Jun 2005
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
344 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Advances in Bioethics


Full-scale Bioethics research began in America around 1970, a decade later America introduced it into Japan. More recently Japanese researchers have realised the growing necessity to evaluate Bioethics more objectively. The principles and policies concerning Bioethics differ between countries. In particular, considerable discrepancies have been occurring between Japanese medical practices and the principles of Bioethics originally imported from America. This has lead to the need for a close investigation into the Japanese approach to Bioethics. Despite this however, there are currently only a few researchers studying the Japanese approach to Bioethics. This interdisciplinary anthology uniquely provides a significant examination of the Bioethics from Japan by considering Japanese views from various aspects, such as life and death, dignity, family and care. The authors of this volume believe that in establishing their own approach to Bioethics each country will increase the practicality of this discipline and, by doing so, will aid the search for the universal elements in Bioethics. The members of the Kumamoto University Bioethics Research Group have published a number of books on Bioethics in Japan over the past decade and in doing so have been preparing for the production of this anthology. The contributors of this volume are both current and former faculty members at Kumamoto University; a well-known institute for Minamata Disease and the volume contains essays written specifically in relation to this area of research.
Introduction: A Short History of Bioethics in Japan. (T. Takahashi). Chapter 1. A Synthesis of Bioethics and Environmental Ethics Founded upon the Concept of Care: Toward a Japanese Approach to Bioethics. (T. Takahashi). Chapter 2. On Human Dignity: Japan and the West. (S. Nakayama). Chapter 3. Moral Thinking about the Embryo-Fetus Period: Reconsidering the Problems of Identity and Existence. (H. Yahata). Chapter 4. Changes of Bioethical Perspective of Japanese Clinical Geneticists about Repro-Genetics during 1995-2001. (E. Shinoki, I. Matsuda). Chapter 5. Competency Testing in Medical and Psychiatric Practice: Legal and Psychological Concepts and Dilemmas. (T. Kitamura, F. Kitamura). Chapter 6. Care for the Elderly in Japan: Past, Present and Future. (T. Saga). Chapter 7. Nursing of Dying Patients: From the Viewpoint of Cultural Background of Attending Death. (T. Morita). Chapter 8. Cell Death: its style and significance. (H. Saya). Chapter 9. The Natural Funeral (shizensou) in Japan Today: Movement, Background, and the Next World. (H. Taguchi). Chapter 10. Medical Business Ethics: The HIV-Tainted-Blood Affair in Japan. (T. Tanaka). Chapter 11. Minamata Disease as "Soul": An Uncertain "Alternative Future" in the Modern Japanese State. (K. Keida). Chapter 12. The Global Lessons of Minamata Disease: An Introduction to Minamata Studies. (M. Harada).

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