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Sustainable Aviation Futures Vol: 4

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18 Dec 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
250 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
Transport and Sustainability
This volume brings together some of the leading names in global aviation policy research to provide a unique and ground breaking synthesis of current debates on sustainable aviation. Unlike previous edited works, this volume is inter-disciplinary and international in nature, drawing on the work of social scientists, transport specialists, and policy experts working in the domains of academia, direct action, and regulation to inform understandings of the prospects for sustainable aviation. Uniquely, the title explores the context of the challenge and examines both scenarios and coalitions for change.
Continents Shifting, Clouds Gathering: The Trajectory of Global Aviation Expansion. Carbon Budgets for Aviation or Gamble with Our Future?. Environmental Technology and the Future of Flight. Aviation and the EU Emissions Trading System. Airport Companies as Silent Partners: The Complex Interplay between Public and Private Ownership. Sustainability and Noise Annoyance. Competition, Integration, Substitution: Myths and Realities Concerning the Relationship between High-Speed Rail and Air Transport in Europe. Aerial Emergence: Crisis Management and The Sustainability of European Airspace. Coalition, Aviation and the Descent to ‘Politics as Usual’. The Development of Frankfurt/Main Airport: A Traditional Narrative of Loss and Gain. Sustainable Aviation Futures: Crises, Contested Realities and Prospects for Change. About the Authors. Sustainable Aviation Futures. Transport and Sustainability. Sustainable Aviation Futures. Copyright page. List of Contributors. Index.

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