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Sustainability and Governance Vol: 18

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07 Sep 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
208 pages - 152 x 229 x 15mm
Advances in Public Interest Accounting
Giving voice to the marginalized, broadly defined, is the aim of this volume in its examination of social life increasingly marked by global inequality and the extension of market rationalities to all arenas. Revealing the outcome to populations, stakeholders, and the environment when policies resting on narrowly constrained logics are employed, these researchers lead the way in probing accountings participation in significant struggles of our times. In order to better appreciate the consequences of economic globalization, the works examine contemporary rhetoric, governance, politics, and strategies and the manner in which accounting technologies are integrated. These works maintain that transformation is inevitable and they search for possibilities of change that can be manifested in socially equitable practices and improved social justice by enhancing accountability.
Protecting the Public Interest through Mandatory Auditor Firm Rotation: A Controversial Issue. Independent Directors and Dividend Payouts in the Post Sarbanes–Oxley Era. Mandated Climate Change Disclosures: A Study of Large US Firms That Emit Carbon Dioxide. Institutional Accountability for True Green. Are Public University Executives Paid for Their Performance?. Copyright page. EDITORIAL BOARD. Sustainability and Governance. List of Contributors. List of Referees. Advances in Public Interest Accounting. Sustainability and Governance. Invited Essay on Gender and Social Justice: “Gender, Knowledge and Accountability”.

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