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Suffer the Little Children: National and International Dimensions of Child Poverty and Public Policy Vol: 4

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01 Dec 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
524 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
Advances in Education in Diverse Communities: Research Policy and Praxis


This volume examines the burden of poverty that children and young adults disproportionately share throughout the world. Contributions from international researchers examine some of the profound precursor issues that serve to inhibit the chances of children and young adults to education and social mobility in an international context. Issues such as housing and homelessness, family income, maternal and child health, child care, hunger, adolescent pregnancy, violence by and against children, the impact of war and famine, various forms of social deviance and early childhood education are investigated. The volume also examines the social, political and economic contexts in which poverty occurs, utilizing various theoretical perspectives by which to view issues such as human rights, social development and social cohesion in developing, emerging and transitional societies. Implicit throughout the volume are the decisions and non-decisions of governments as they confront issues of growing poverty and the repercussions of that poverty for future generations.
Americas Shame: Children Living in the Shadows of Americas Prosperity,Talking Poverty: Urban Scots and Social Deprivation, Fenced Into Cycles of Deprivation: Orphans, Their Female Carers and Education in Malawi,Roma Childhood in Eastern Europe, African Refugees Acculturation in the United States: Uncertain Paths to the American Dream, The Loss of Identity and the Underutilization of Black Childrens Educational Potential: Rethinking Assimilation Globally, Children and Youth in Poverty in Trinidad and Tobago: A Lack of Commitment in the Midst of Plenty, The Dilemma of Child Soldiering in Sub-Saharan Africa, Violence, Democracy and Education: An Analytic Framework, The Reach and Possibilities of Educational Reform for the Rural Poor in Mexico, Poverty and Education; Brazils Search for Viable Solutions?, Small Hands: Global Dimensions of Child Labor and Exploitation, Child Protection and Survival in South Africa: Focus on Child Welfare Policy in Namibia, The Health and Cognitive Consequences of International Child Poverty, Juvenile Institutionalization Practices in India: A Study of Two Institutions in Madras, Child Poverty in Sierra Leone: Vignettes from the Leonenet Street Childrens Project, Stolen Childhood: Cultural Constructions of Unmarried Pregnancy in Bangladesh, The World Bank, NGOs and the State of Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for Alleviating Poverty and Advancing Societal Reform, Defeating the Trends: In Search of a Better Future.

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