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Studies in Symbolic Interaction Vol: 33

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01 Oct 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
480 pages - 152 x 229 x 27mm
Studies in Symbolic Interaction


Part one of volume 33 of "Studies on Symbolic Interaction" contains seven outstanding contributions by leading symbolic interactionists in the 'Annual Blue Ribbon Papers Series' under the editorial leadership of Lonnie Athens. Part two, under the special issue editorship of Richard King, examines commodity racism: representation, racialization and resistance. Part three presents papers in the 'Annual Peter M. Hall Lecture Series' and Part four presents new interpretive works in the interactionist tradition. International in scope, the series draws upon the work of urban ethnographers, interpretive, constructionist, ethnomethodological, critical race, postcolonial, feminist, queer, and cultural studies traditions. The emphasis is on new thought and research. Essays which interrogate the intersections between biography, media, history, politics and culture are encouraged.
Introduction to ‘blue ribbon papers’: Investigating the empirical world. The wisdom of distrust: reflections on Ukrainian society and sociology. Situating public performances: folk singers and song introductions. The music ringtone as an identity management device: a research note. There's no place like home. The structure of flirtation: on the construction of interactional ambiguity. Becoming a sociologist: One woman's journey. Commodity racism now. Commodity race and emotion: The racial commercialization of human feeling in corporate consumerism. The princess and the SUV: Brand images of native Americans as commodified racism. E. It's gotta be the body: race, commodity, and surveillance of contemporary black athletes. Consuming “Polynesia”: Visual spectacles of native bodies in Hawaiian tourism. Cinco de mayo, inc.: Reinterpreting Latino culture into a commercial holiday. If santa wuz black: The domestication of a white myth. Unsettling commodity racism. Introduction to David Altheide's talk: “Terrorism and propaganda”. Terrorism and propaganda. There's our Hitler envy! Altheide's version of fear it now. The essentials of symbolic interactionism: A paper in honor of Bernard N. Meltzer. Communicative sustainability: A framework for performance accounting. The inter-play of power and meta-power in the social construction of “entrepreneurial” professional services firms: A processual ordering perspective. Mystification of rock. Narrative form and temporality in public discourse: Romance, tragedy, and America's presence in Iraq. Four ethnomethodological paradoxes: Reflections on the work of Kenneth Liberman. Leaving black rock city. List of Contributors. Studies in symbolicinteraction. Studies in symbolic interaction volume 33. Copyright page.

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