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Studies in Symbolic Interaction Vol: 27

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07 Jul 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
360 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Studies in Symbolic Interaction


Volume 27 of "Studies in Symbolic Interaction" emphasizes new developments in interactional theory and practice, as well as examples of post-modern ethnography and performance texts focused on border crossings and border performances. The volume also presents essays honoring Laurel Richardsons contributions to Symbolic Interaction and Communications, as well as the inaugural address in the "Peter M. Hall Lecture Series".
Part I. Laurel Richardson's Contributions to Symbolic Interaction and Communication. Writing Issues on and off the Page. Week 55: Flags in the Window. Pedagogical Takes off the Page: Being with Laurel Richardson. Narrative Ethnography as Social Science Discourse. Letter from Tampa: Beginning at the End. Walking and Writing with Laurel Richardson: A Story in Poems. Feminism on and off the Page. Meetings. Part II. Peter M. Hall Lecture Series. Symbolic Interaction, Sociology, and Changing SocietyCritical Issues and New Directions: Introduction. The Real-Estate Developer as Villain: Notes on a Stigmatized Occupation. Part III. Developments in Interactionist Theory and Practice. Joanna Baillie at Hull House: a Working Hypothesis For Disciplinary Reform. Toward an Interpretive Analytics of the Sign: Interactionism, Power, Semiosis (and George W. Bush). Interpreting George W. Bush: a Socio-Semiotic Illustration and a Performative Extension. Work Without End: The Making of a Subjective Culture. Dignity Transitions: Death-Ritual Symbolism in the Lives of the Elderly. Pierre Bourdieu's Concept of the Politics of Symbolization and Symbolic Interactionism. One Mans Story: How I Became a Disorganized, Dangerous, Violent Criminal. Part IV. Border Crossings/Border Performances. Resisting Docility. Liminal Borders and Various Shadings:A Collage of Colorlessness. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the fairest of them all? The Novel of Our Times: Reading the Social in Bret Easton Ellis. Music, Meaning, and Subjectivity: The 32 Flavor of Ani Difranco and Friends. What Would I Say If I Was Dying?

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