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Studies in Symbolic Interaction Vol: 26

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01 Apr 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
360 pages - 156 x 234 x 20mm
Studies in Symbolic Interaction


The first part of this collection of essays is devoted to the work of Peter Hall in communications and sociological inquiries. It emphasises developments in interactionist theory, as well as examples of post-modern ethnograohy and performance texts on border crossings and performances.
Peter Hall's Contributions to Communications and Sociological Inquiries (Special Partial Issue). Engaging Peter Hall's work concerning social organization, power, policy, and communication (W.K. Rawlins). Conversations and engagements: contributions to theory in the work of Peter M. Hall (M.J. Neitz ). Communication as power in Peter Hall's work (D. Altheide). Mesodomain analysis and considerations of a healthy society (D.R. Maines). Peter Hall's contributions to public policy research: applications to educational reform (H. Mehan et al.). Transversing intra, inter-, and transpersonal communication: the larcenous leads of Peter M. Hall (S.E. Cahill). Resting, reflecting, renewing (P.M. Hall). New Development in Interactionist Theory and Practice. Towards a communicative model for mental health research and practice (W.D. Woodward). Voices of social problems: a dialogical constructionist model (L.T. Nichols). Rethinking constructionist agency: claimsmakers as conditions, audiences, types and symbols (L.T. Nichols). Status disclosure: genetic counseling as an arena for negotiation (A.E. Raz). Emotion and film theory (N. Wiley). [Post]Modern Ethnography. From flanerie to pseudo-flanerie: the postmodern tourist in Las Vegas (K. Borchard). Ethnography since postmodernism (A. Fontana, T. Mcginnis). Traversing the great divide: writing the self into qualitative research and narrative (R.A. Rhoads). Border Crossings/Border Performances. Chicken wings (R. Bai). Remembering me (J.K.T. Laraviere). Crossing the border and crossing myself (H. Campuzano). Touched...to here knows when (C.M. Elavsky). Soloing (M. Chandler). The interview (A. Padilla). Surviving the American dream: con la alma por dentro (A. Padilla). Delivering Malinche (A. Filmer). Things we said tomorrow... (M.D. Giardina). Talking about alchemy, the grid, the wing, and the crystal ball (D. Yomtoob).

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