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Studies in Law, Politics and Society Vol: 19

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09 Mar 2000
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
237 pages - 159 x 241 x 25mm
Studies in Law, Politics, and Society


DESCRIPTION: This volume of Studies in Law, Politics, and Society presents a diverse array of articles by an interdisciplinary and international group of scholars. Their work spans the social sciences, humanities, and law. It examines new perspectives on the relationship of law and values and race and the law. The articles published here exemplify the exciting and innovative work now being done in interdisciplinary legal scholarship. TABLE OF CONTENTS: List of contributors; Law and Values: Interpretive freedom and divine law: early rabbinic renderings of divine justice (C. Halberstam); Rawls' law of peoples: an expansion of the prioritization of political over religious values (E. Carpenter); Post modernity and the fading of individual responsibility (J. Krapp); Race in Law; Passing phantasms/sanctioning perfomativities: (re)reading white masculinity in Rhinelander v. Rhine lander (N. Hers); Tortious race, race torts: hate speech, intentional infliction, and the problem of harm (P.L. Rivers); Before or against the law? Citizens' legal beliefs and experiences as death penalty jurors (B. Steiner).
List of contributors. New "Families"? The status of status: domestic partnership and the politics of same-sex marriage (J. Goldberg-Hiller). Benign neglect: affirmative action, same-sex marriage, and the underlying conservatism of Baehr V. Lewin (H. Silverstein). Pain and Punishment. Civil bodies: legal language and the ritual of sacrifice (M. Ryan). Identities and criminal violence: observations on law's recognition of vulnerable victims in England and Wales (E.A. Stanko). Detecting remorse and its absence in the criminal justice system (R. Weisman). State and Nation as Legal Problems. New Labour, new "Britain"? Constitutionalism, sovereignty, and nation/state in transition (C.F. Stychin). Delayed transitions to democracy and the struggle for political citizenship rights: the Mexican case (1988-1999) (S. Schatz). Theory and Method in Context. Exploring legal culture in law-avoidance societies (R.L. Kidder). Legal science, scientific rationality, and aesthetics (P. Haldar).

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