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Strategy Beyond Markets Vol: 34

Brian Silverman
University of Toronto, Canada

John M. de Figueiredo
Duke University, USA

Michael Lenox
University of Virginia, USA

Felix Oberholzer-Gee
Harvard Business School, USA

Richard G. Vanden Bergh
University of Vermont, USA

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27 Apr 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
480 pages - 152 x 229 x 29mm
Advances in Strategic Management
Strategy Beyond Markets examines how the strategies employed by firms affect long run value. Scholars in this field focus their attention on firm interactions with entities other than the firm's primary market stakeholders. These stakeholders include international NGOs, environmental groups, local communities, regulators, politicians and the courts. This book is organized around three themes: Public politics, private politics, and integrated political strategy. In public politics, firms use sophisticated instruments (e.g., campaign funding, committee participation) to influence local, national, and international political environments. In private politics, firms work closely with NGOs and other special interest groups to preempt unfavorable policy, react swiftly to crises, and proactively develop socially responsible strategies. Additionally, firms that are heavily influenced by politics are more likely to craft integrated political strategy as part of a more comprehensive plan. This special issue comprises papers from preeminent scholars including David Baron, Jean-Philippe Bonardi, Daniel Diermeier, Thomas Lyon, John Maxwell, Ken Shotts, and Dennis Yao.
Strategy Beyond Markets: A Step Back and a Look Forward - David P. Baron PART I: PUBLIC POLITICS Political Risk as a Hold-Up Problem: Implications for Integrated Strategy - Kenneth W. Shotts Incorporating Legislative Effectiveness into Nonmarket Strategy: The Case of Financial Services Reform and the Great Recession - Craig Volden and Alan E. Wiseman A Unified Model of Political Risk - Benjamin A. T. Graham, Noel P. Johnston and Allison F. Kingsley Motivations for Corporate Political Activity - Adam Fremeth, Brian Kelleher Richter and Brandon Schaufele The Market for Legislative Influence Over Regulatory Policy - Rui J. P. De Figueiredo Jr. and Geoff Edwards PART II: PRIVATE POLITICS Corporate Reputational Dynamics, Private Regulation, and Activist Pressure - Jose Miguel Abito, David Besanko and Daniel Diermeier Self-Regulation and Regulatory Discretion: Why Firms May Be Reluctant to Signal Green - Thomas P. Lyon and John W. Maxwell Private Politics Daily: What Makes Firms the Target of Internet/Media Criticism? An Empirical Investigation of Firm, Industry, and Institutional Factors - Dominik Breitinger and Jean-Philippe Bonardi PART III: INTEGRATED POLITICAL STRATEGY Navigating Natural Monopolies: Market Strategy and Nonmarket Challenges in Radio and Television Audience Measurement Markets - Hillary Greene and Dennis A. Yao The Organization of Nonmarket Strategy - Dylan Minor Complementarity in Firms’ Market and Political Capabilities: An Integrated Theoretical Perspective - Nan Jia and Kyle Mayer How Patent Strategy Affects the Timing and Method of Patent Litigation Resolution - Deepak Somaya
Edited by John M. De Figueiredo, Duke University, Durham, NC, USA Michael Lenox, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA, USA Richard G. Vanden Bergh, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, USA

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