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Strategic Management: In Public and Voluntary Services - A Reader Vol: 4

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18 Jun 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229 x 23mm
Best of Long Range Planning Series - First Series


What does strategic planning for public and non-profit purposes look like? How does strategic planning differ from other kinds of planning, and how can these different approaches be reconciled? How can strategic planning and implementation be linked effectively to create strategic management? How can strategic management for public and non-profit purposes be tailored to fit differing circumstances, including those facing governments, public agencies, state enterprises, privatized enterprises, and non-profit organizations? What is the proper role for elected or appointed policy boards when it comes to strategic management? How can participation by key stakeholders be managed? How should various planning tools be used in strategic planning? This selection of papers from "Long Range Planning - The International Journal of Strategic Management" provides answers to these questions by presenting a variety of approaches to the improvement of strategic thinking and acting for all those who wish to sharpen their skills and improve their strategic planning and management efforts for public and non-profit purposes. It also describes some of the problems which can occur in the application of what is fast becoming a standard part of the management repertoire of public and non-profit organizations.
Introduction (J.M. Bryson). Part I: The Strategic Planning Process. A strategic planning process for public and non-profit organizations (J.M. Bryson). Part II: Strategic Management in National Government Agencies. Building a new organization for nature conservation (I. Dair). Cutting back bureaucracy in a public service (I. Dair). Part III: Strategic Planning in Local Government. Making strategic planning work in local government (R.W. Rider). Part IV: Strategic Management in State Enterprises. New Zealand post - creating a benchmark organization (E. Toime). Part V: Strategic Management in Privatized Enterprises. The turnaround in BT's payphone business (P. Vaz). Designing a viable organization structure (J. Brocklesby, S. Cummings). Part VI: Strategic Management in Developing Nations. Planning development projects: lessons from developing countries (D.A. Rondinelli). Reengineering public administration in developing countries (K.B.C. Saxena). Part VII: Strategic Planning for Non-Profit and Voluntary Organizations. Strategic planning for the World Wildlife Fund (G.J. Medley). WWF UK creates a new mission (G.J. Medley). Part VIII: Managing Participation. Participative planning for a public service (T. Grewe et al.). Futures research - working with management teams (D. Sims, C. Eden). Part IX: Additional Tools. Future health scenarios - strategic issues for the British Health Service (M. Longley, M. Warner). Managing strategic issues in the public service (B.E. Perrot).

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