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Strategic Human Resources Management in the Twenty-First Century

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24 Feb 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
422 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management
As we approach the new millennium, the field of strategic HRM is still in its infancy. This volume provides a glimpse into the future of strategic HRM research as seen through the eyes of a number of leading researchers. The 21st century presents the opportunity for advancing our understanding of the role of people in organizational success. This volume will provide a strong foundation toward that end.
Overview. Part I. Introduction. Alternatives to generic strategy typologies in strategic human resource management (C. Chadwick, P. Casppelli). Human resource management and firm performance: measurement issues and their effect on causal and policy inferences (B. Gerhart). Failing to find fit in strategic human resource management: theoretical and empirical problems (P.M. Wright, W.S. Sherman). Human resource metrics: can measures be strategic? (J.W. Boudreau, P.M. Ramstad). Alternative theoretical perspectives for strategic human resource management revisited: progress, problem, and prospects (G.C. McMahan et al.). Integrating practice and theory: towards a more unified view of HR (D. Ulrich). From human resource strategy to organizational effectiveness: lessons from research on organizational agility (L. Dyer, R.A. Shafer). Managing the architecture of intellectual capital: implications for strategic human resource management (S.A. Snell et al.). Part II. Introduction. Beyond myopia: human resources and the changing social contract (T.A. Kochan). Different paradigms in strategic HRM: questions raised by comparative research (C. Brewster). High commitment management and the link with contingent workers: implications for strategic human resource management (J. Purcell). Human resource strategy and industry-based competition: a conceptual framework and agenda for theoretical development (P.F. Boxall). A SHRM perspective on international compensation and reward systems (M. Bloom, G.T. Milkovich). Strategic human resource management in multinational enterprises: theoretical and empirical developments (H. de Cieri, P.J. Dowling). Strategic diversification of HRM in Japan (Motochiro Morishima). Strategic human resource management for twenty-first century China (Zhong-Ming Wang, W.H. Mobley). A duality-based prospective for strategic human resource management (P. Evans, N. Genadry). About the contributing authors.

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