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Sraffa and Althusser Reconsidered: Neoliberalism Advancing in South Africa, England, and Greece Vol: 29

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31 Oct 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
280 pages - 152 x 229 x 19mm
Research in Political Economy


This volume examines the recent advance of neoliberalism. The volume begins with a very extensive study of the archives of Piero Sraffa, which suggests the importance of Marx's influence on his work. The following chapters address the recent multifaceted advance of neoliberalism, with a focus on three current instances. Firstly, suggesting uneven development as in Rosa Luxemburg. South African multi-billion dollar investments in two fossil-fuel projects have recently cemented debtor relations to the World Bank and the Chinese Development Bank, while generating activist opposition in this era of climate crisis. A second instance focuses on secondary school teachers in England whose work load is not only increasing but also increasingly commodified and judged, a development that represents the penetration of abstract labor and alienation, as in Marx. The third example examines the credit bubbles in Greece, noting them as an example of the progency of fictitious capital. The remaining chapters include a critique of Althusser's interpretation of the Marxist philosophy of science, and a continued discussion regarding the concept of a labor aristocracy, engaging the work of Zak Cope.
Comments on Scott Carter. From ‘Pool of Profits’ to Surplus and Deficit Industries: Archival Evidence on the Evolution of Piero Sraffa’s Thought. Response to Comments of Robert M. Solow. Fixed Capital and Wage-Profit Curves à la von Neumann-Leontief: China’s Economy 1987–2000. Theory and Practice in Challenging Extractive-Oriented Infrastructure in South Africa. Marketisation, Commodification and the Implications for Teachers’ Autonomy in England. Stranger than Fiction: Fictitious Capital and Credit Bubbles in Post-EMU Greece. Epistemological Problems and Ontological Solutions: A Critical Realist Retrospective on Althusser. The Roots of Working Class Reformism and Conservatism: A Response to Zak Cope’s Defense of the “Labor Aristocracy” Thesis. A Comment on the Post–Cope Debate on Labour Aristocracy and Colonialism. Final Comments on Charles Post’s Critique of the Theory of the Labour Aristocracy. Sraffa and Althusser Reconsidered; Neoliberalism advancing in South Africa, England, and Greece. List of Contributors. Copyright page. Research in political economy. Sraffa and Althusser Reconsidered; Neoliberalism advancing in South Africa, England, and Greece. Editorial Advisory Board.

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