Special Issue: Law and the Imagining of Difference Vol: 75

Austin Sarat
Amherst College, USA

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13 Apr 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
152 pages - 152 x 229mm
Studies in Law, Politics, and Society
Studies in Law, Politics, and Society provides a vehicle for the publication of scholarly articles within the broad parameters of interdisciplinary legal scholarship. In this latest edition of this highly successful research series, chapters examine a diverse range of legal issues and their impact on and intersections with society. This volume focusses on Law and the Imagining of Difference with each chapter examining how law responds to the claims of difference, how and when it recognizes difference and accommodates it, as well as when and why such recognition and accommodation is resisted. Topics covered include disability, same-sex marriage and gender equality. This volume brings together leading scholars and will be vital reading for all those researching in this subject area.
1. Differentiating Assimilation; Douglas NeJaime 
2. Embodying the Law: Negotiating Disability Identity and Civil Rights; Megan A. Conway 
3. Being Exceptional; Zanita E. Fenton 
4. Feminist Constitutionalism and the Entrenchment of Motherhood; Julie C. Suk  
5. Comment: Differences and (In)equalities; Mark E. Brandon
Austin Sarat is William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science at Amherst College, USA. He is also a Five College Fortieth Anniversary Professor. He has written, co-written, or edited more than fifty books in the fields of law and political science.

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