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Special Issue: Problematizing Prostitution: Critical Research and Scholarship Vol: 71

Austin Sarat
Amherst College, USA

Katie Hail-Jares
School of Nursing & Health Studies, Georgetown University, USA

Chrysanthi Leon
University of Delaware, USA

Corey Shdaimah
School of Social Work, University of Maryland, USA

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28 Oct 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
168 pages - 152 x 229 x 17mm
Studies in Law, Politics, and Society
The scholars who contribute to this issue utilize diverse research methods to examine the lived experiences of people engaged in prostitution and the people and institutions that process them. They look at the production of knowledge about prostitution and trafficking by institutional stakeholders, and how legal responses to prostitution and trafficking are affected by class, race, ethnicity, and migration. Drawing on data derived from innovative research methods including auto-ethnography, re-calculation of historical data, and participatory methods, the authors challenge us to re-examine the pro-sex/abolitionist divide, the historical theories of prostitution and ethical concerns around research with people engaged in prostitution. Instead our authors offer new configurations of sex, gender, and prostitution to better inform future scholarship, policy, and programming.
Sex Worker or Student? Legitimation and Master Status in Academia - Jenny Heineman “In My Head, I Didn’t Feel Like I Had Done Anything Wrong”: Women’s Experiences Prostituting Women and Girls - Mahri Irvine Relationships Among Stigmatized Women Engaged in Street-Level Prostitution: Coping with Stigma and Stigma Management - Corey Shdaimah and Chrysanthi S. Leon Reform or Remand? Race, Nativity, and the Immigrant Family in the History of Prostitution - Anne E. Bowler, Terry G. Lilley and Chrysanthi S. Leon Inevitably Violent? Dynamics of Space, Governance, and Stigma in Understanding Violence Against Sex Workers - Teela Sanders Bad Dates: How Prostitution Strolls Impact Client-Initiated Violence - Katie Hail-Jares Unionizing Sex Workers: The Karnataka Experience - Subadra Panchanadeswaran, Gowri Vijayakumar, Shubha Chacko and Andy Bhanot
Edited by Austin Sarat, Department of Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought and Political Science, Amherst College, USA Katie Hail-Jares, School of Public Affairs, American University, USA Chrysanthi Leon, Sociology and Criminal Justice, University of Delaware, USA Corey Shdaimah, Social Work, University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA

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